He sat at the corner of the room, pondering over the mess he was in. It was too late, the damage had been done and he had to deal with it. She knew that he was the caped vigilante, who saves people in Gotham, but he did not want to ask her yet, it was only a hunch after all. Alfred entered his room then and noticed Bruce's gloominess.

"Master Wayne, why so dull?"

"I think she knows, I think she knows it's me."

"But that cannot be it sir, Miss Rosewood seemed pretty chirpy this morning, I am quite certain she does not know."

"Oh no Alfred, I know her too well to make clouded judgments. We have to divert her ideas immediately; I want her to be safe."

"Want whom to be safe, Bruce?" Alicia entered the master chamber.

"You, my love, I want you to travel with Alfred when you are not with me. I cannot stand it if anything were to happen to you." Bruce said possessively and grabbed her waist.

"Will that be all, Master Wayne?"

"That will be all, Alfred."

He traced the stress lines on her forehead lovingly and cupped her face. She smiled at him and counted herself lucky, not because she was betrothed to one of the most powerful men in the world, but to end Bruce's pain and loneliness once and for all. He had been alone for too long, his string of affairs with Brazilian and Italian models did not fool her, they were merely entertainment.

He held her for so long and lost track of time, he liked that about Alicia, she never interrupted him when he was serious or when he was passionate, and she completed him. And that was one of the very many reasons why he did not desire to lose her; he had lost too much already. He placed a sweet kiss on her forehead and embraced her to his chest. He never did that with the courtesans and models, she was indeed special, for his body seemed to magically obey his heart and not his mind. The moment he had set his eyes on her, he simply knew it; she was the one for him. Loosing Rachel was so hard on his part, as she had been the first love of his life, but her choice had always been Dent and that he could not bear.

"Bruce, I need to leave town for a couple of days." Alicia exclaims the very next day.

"What happened, darling?"

"My grandmother wants me beside her; I don't think she will hold on much longer. I need to be right by her side." She started to sob and Bruce hugged her tightly, like he never wanted to let go of her.

"Alright, honey, but promise me that you will go with Alfred till the train station."

"Okay, love. I am going to miss you a lot." She sealed a kiss on his lips and hugged him back.

There were some things even Alicia had to hide from Bruce, it was definitely not a sick grandmother who wants her by her side, it was entirely something else.