She smiled when she thought about Bruce and his wild attitude. The man was a mess, and she loved it when he was chaotic. It was amazing to be needed by someone whom she loved more than herself. She remembered those nights when he held her to his chest and rocked her to sleep and then slowly rested her head on the pillow and snuck out to save his beloved city. She knew everything and anything about him. The way he liked his toast half-crunchy and half-soft, how he smiled, scratch that grinned when she fussed about his shortcomings, his mannish winces when she cleaned up his bruises, his passionate kisses that drove her senseless. He was beautiful and he was hers, and no one was going to take him away from her, this she vowed to herself.

They met at a fund-raiser ball for the orphanage a week later. This time, the kids were invited to have dinner and all of them were so very ecstatic. It was huge, and the guest was honor was evidently Bruce. He threw the party for his foster son, Tim. He did not live with him, but yeah, kind of a foster child. The kid loved a fancy meal once in a while. He was chatting animatedly with Tim and was suddenly smitten by Alicia, clad in a midnight blue gown which clung to her body. She was magnificent and Bruce couldn't take his eyes off of her. He was suddenly enraged to see her sporting a low neck. He did not know where the anger came from. It's not like he did not like low necks, hell he fancied it. He hated the old cows who were gawking at her neckline rather than the face.

He walked towards her and snatched a glass of champagne from the wine waiter who passed by him. She didn't see him yet. She was talking to one of the kids from the orphanage. But she did wonder where he was, it was his manor after all.

"Good evening." He breathed into her ear, almost kissing her. Her stomach started to tingle when he did that, he was provocatively close. Boy, does he smell good, she thought.

"Good evening, Mr. Wayne."

"It's Bruce, call me Bruce."

"Alright then, what's up Bruce." She grinned at him politely.

"That's more like it."

"Thank you."

"What are you thanking me for?"

"The other day in the elevator, I freaked out and you kind of helped out there and for this grand fundraiser. Thanks a ton."

"Pleasure is all mine." He said roguishly.

She suddenly felt warm under his gaze and her cheeks turned a faint pink. He traced his fingers on her cheeks, circling the pinkness transforming it to a darker shade.

"You look beautiful tonight."

She smiled at him, and also wondered how many times he must have said this very same line to a million other beautiful women. She was not even in his league if his dating history was put forth, what with all the models, actresses and dancers in his 'glorious' past. I don't even surpass their grace, let alone beauty. He is only attempting to make me feel comfortable, that's all. Get a hang of yourself, Al. She thought.

"The kids are having a wonderful time, I bet they are loving the food." She drifted his gaze towards the table and slightly moved away from his touch. "Did you visit Tim the other day? That was a stupid thing to do that day, I apologize for the inconvenience."

"Why don't you draw up a sheet and scratch down a letter of apology. That should satiate you, right?" He sounded irritated for some reason. She was surprised by his change in tone.

"I just felt bad about leaving that day, okay. It was stupid on my part." And she stormed off. She was giving him a tough time that was certain. This is new, very new. How can she just walk away from me? Isn't this is exactly how I charm everyone, and they throw themselves at me. Play hard to catch, that's the one and only rule, He thought.