"My name is Pandora. P-A-N-D-O-R-A. Just like the Greek myth except I didn't open the box that brought destruction to the world we call Earth…

The human race has been completely wiped out. Erased. Some of them still exist and are in hiding but I have not been able to find that many around. They have survived the damage but most were eaten alive, Wiped out by the infection or become one of us. It is a war that not even millions of Americans can survive. Every country has fallen to this virus and the world has came to damnation. Believe that you are safe because you are hidden behind big military gates, Weapons you have dreamed of but you are not. You find out that half of the country has already been destroyed and you cannot change what is going on. The humans couldn't stand a chance against them. Too many of them are going around and spreading further. Town by town, City by city, state by state. Each are getting filled with the infection and the walking dead. Some of us are safe from the war because we cannot contract the disease. So we try to keep our numbers strong for our strength and are sharpened senses high. We can easily sniff out the humans, Hears hoards coming. We have the quicker advantage of getting away. The war I've been talking about is the one that has ended the world. The world vs. the zombies.

Yes. There is a such thing as a zombie. A person who has come back from the dead to wreck everything that they see. Dying is a part of living but coming back is a whole other problem. From what I have heard, something spilled in Washington D.C and it started there. It slowly spread around the United States and hit Canada. From that point on it went to every single country and continent. Whatever was spilled caused the dead to rise up from the earth and prey on human flesh. Some humans who got hit with it watched as their skin dissolved and they died. Stupid rain. Had the nerve to spread and make everyone sick and dead. But zombies are not the only thing that is still around. I'm talking about my kind and the others. We have no more humans to feed from because the living dead are stealing them. The infection spilled into their blood and makes them non drinkable. Robbing blood banks, Killing others and stocking up on as much blood as possible. The only positive thing is that the animals are not getting affected and we can drink from them.

Another problem which I bet you see is that there are four different types of creatures roaming the earth. Some of us are completely dead while the others are alive. It is almost like putting us in a death match to see who will come out victorious. Four classic Hollywood monsters battle each other for a title as do we. Vampires vs. Zombie vs. Werewolves vs. Humans.

The vampires. Welcome to my world in which I have lived for the last 300 years. I have been walking in the night for months, days and years and I thought nothing like this would ever happen. With the zombie's infecting everything, us vamps are going away. It is beginning to end my creatures. We cannot drink the blood of zombies because it will make us sick or even kill us. I have never drank a zombie's blood but I have watch another get sick and it is not pretty at all. They can rip us apart in a matter of second to eat our flesh. A hoard of zombies is very dangerous to us because one vs. fifty is not a good match at all. If the virus gets into our system, it will not turn us since we are already dead but it will kill us I'm sure. Our blood is dead and whatever is in theirs is a dangerous combination. Just like drugs and alcohol, it can kill you easily. The werewolves do not like us that much either because their blood is still alive and we will feed from them. The humans are well hidden and we wish that we could find them. It has been a while since I have had some human blood and it will be a real treat to find one.

Werewolves. They are just humans who have the curse of a werewolf. They turn into a wolf every full moon which basically renders them powerless. They will have to fight like humans but a wolf will easily tear a zombie apart. If they get killed, I'm pretty sure they will come back as a zombie. I'm curious to see if they could be like a rabid dog, who knows. One thing they have to be careful about is when they go into full psychotic mode. Their teeth can tear easily into flesh which means the blood will get into their mouths infecting them. If a vampire gets bit by a wolf it will kill us. For some reason this zombie virus affected them which leads to us.

Humans. They protect themselves behind gates and weapons. Most are military people I believe because they were taught how to handle this situation. They want the zombies gone as much as the others. All houses and public places are abandon and they are hidden. There is no chance that I could get into a camp full of them. I can't wrap my head around how they protect that many humans with just a little gate, Zombies are smart. A bullet wound can tear through my skin but it will heal quickly. They found out about the other species once everything came crashing down. When night time falls all vamps are looking for fresh blood. I couldn't imagine being a human through a mess like this, I am sure glad I have immortality.

Zombies. If you watch a typical zombie movie you notice characteristics. They are slow walking but some may run. They moan and do not talk. They have wounds all over themselves from dying and decaying. Some of it is true and some is false. In the real world zombies are more human than movies want to portray them. They walk and run like any other person. If you are slow, you better practice on your speed that is for sure. They talk and can call for others when they spot you. You still need to destroy the brain though, that is always a must no matter what. Also, they are not as dumb as everyone makes them out to be. They think pretty hard in making all their decisions. And it is true about wounds and everything else. They all look pretty gross and that's the easiest way to spot a zombie out.

Now once again my name is Pandora. P-A-N-D-O-R-A. I will not give you my last name because I am most likely the only person named Pandora around. I have been looking for someone to help kill as many zombies as possible. I promise that I would not harm you or get yourself killed. Werewolf, Vampire or human, it doesn't matter. I have been alone for far too long and I want some company. Ask around if you see anyone. You will probably see me roaming around by myself. I would like for all the zombies to die and disappear so the humans can recreate everything. Find me, I'll be waiting"

Pandora set the video camera down slowly. She rubbed her head trying to balance it on a rock. It was probably a part of a building that has been destroyed a while back. Hopefully someone was going to find it and take her up on her message. She tosses her black haired behind her left shoulder looking around. Day after day, Night after night was the same thing. Pandora has been through most cities and noticed the same things. Zombies alive and zombies dead. China, Canada, Japan, Australia, Every place is exactly the same. She stood in the middle of a desert in Arizona. She likes to spread out where she is going to go for variety. She grabbed her bag from off of the ground and began roaming through the lonely night. Her cell phone rang and she quickly pulled it out of her pocket answering.

"Any luck yet? I've been looking in Washington and there isn't much here"

The voice was calm and slightly quiet. She blinked looking around the empty town of what was probably Phoenix but she had no idea.

"Not much here…I found a video camera and left a message for anyone who sees it. Hopefully someone will. I gave my name out and I said to come looking for me, I hope it helps Criss"

"A wolf will I'm sure. I found some bikes close by so I think someone is around here. Should I check it out?"

Criss was always curious. Curiosity killed the cat. He was a loyal companion and Pandora's best friend. A fellow vampire who stuck with her during most of the apocalypse. He has pitch black hair and matching eyes. Both of his arms were covered in tribal tattoos along with some of his chest. Most people called him "Crow" because of how slick and dark he is. He has only been a vampire for fifty years but knew everything very well. They kept in contact with each other giving updates and hopefully finding blood. They decided to split up then meet in a spot to tell each other how the experience went.

"If you think it is a bad idea then don't…But if they are bikes…It is probably werewolves. It's not a full moon right? If so you need to hide away from both them and zombies"

"I don't know, I never keep track of things like that"

Pandora lowered her blue eyes to sign that she had kicked. It was a sign warning others that there was heavy zombie activity around.

"Pandora! Hey…You still there?"

"I think there are a lot of zombies in this town. I found a sign but God knows how long ago this was made. I'll keep my eyes open"

"Now you definitely have me worried"

"I'll be fine…I'll call you if I'm in trouble. Keep looking Criss, I'll do the same"

She hung up and slid the phone back into her pocket. She was amazed that they still had phone reception. She pulled a knife from her boot cautiously looked around. Pandora tried to camouflage herself with every city she went to with her clothing. Her boots reached up to her knees and had all sorts of straps on them to keep knives. She wore tan shorts with a belt full of other weapons. She had a skin tight chocolate brown corset on with a little tan jacket to match the shorts. Her black hair lay behind her and she moved quietly.

Pandora walked through a few rundown buildings and found nothing at all. Blood spots covered the walls and the floor which had to be zombie evidence. She opened doors and peeked inside room and still nothing. A noise came from out in the hallway and she whipped around quickly. Not taking any chances she moves out in the hall quickly with the knife raised high. Pandora took a breath laughing to herself seeing nothing there. As she turned around she came face to face with a zombie staring straight back at her. Before she had the chance to strike him he collapsed onto top her knocking her down. She yelled trying to get him off of her but he didn't budge. The zombies opened his mouth wanting to bite down on her just like she would to a human. She noticed that the blade had fallen out of her hand and fell over by the banister. Pandora turned her head and shoved him as hard as she could. The zombie fell back with force into the wall which crumbled beneath him. He rose up quickly and she scrambled to the stairs grabbing the knife. She threw it and as the zombie reached for her; it struck him directly in the head. Pandora got up and brushed herself off. She moved over to the zombie searching for anything. An ID card said his name was Marco and he worked at the local car shop. She took the knife back and wiped it off in the jacket. She listened closely and heard a crowd coming along.

"Sorry Marco, But I gotta run…Nice meeting you"

She smirked moving back towards the stairs ready to go down. She saw a female zombie approached slowly and hiss. She cocked her head to the side and screamed a high pitch scream. Pandora sprinted back into the hallway knowing what that noise meant. She called for the other zombies and that scream meant emergency. It meant a human was in sight and they could draw blood. Zombies would drink vampire blood because it did no damage at all to them. Pandora kicked the glass out of the window at the end of the long, dark hallway. The female had blood pouring out of her mouth which meant she had to be feeding off of something.

"I'm such I will catch you all later, No worries"

"Escaping! She's….Escape!"

Pandora grabbed both ends of the window and launched herself out. She landed swiftly on her feet and looked at her hands. She must have grabbed glass and didn't realize it. Her healing would quickly change that but there was a trail of blood left in the window. She rubbed her hands together before sealing the knife back in her boot. She took off running at normal speed knowing she could get away that way instead of wasting energy. Two zombies were already sprinting to catch her dying for the blood. Pandora quickly turned a corner to sneak into a building then thought it was a bad idea. She placed her back against the side of the building watching them run past. Those two could not have been as smart as the others and she giggled at that. A hand snaked around her waist and mouth pull her back into the building.

"Hey! Sh…Calm down, I'm not the infected"

She kicked and punched making her way out of this persons grip. Pandora looked at a man dressed in black leather pants and a skin tight grey shirt. His brown hair was messy on top of his head and his hazel eyes watched her. She glared wondering who he was and what he was doing.

"Lesson number one, don't ever put your hands on me, I don't like to be touched. And who are you, Why are you here?"

"Okay geez, how am I supposed to know that and I could ask you the same question vampire"

She blinked looking at him. She smelt there air and didn't smell anything. Usually she could pick up if the person was a vampire, human, zombie or wolf but nothing was coming up at all. Pandora tilted her head looking at the man curious.

"I'm here to kill zombies, what else…what are you?"

He smirked then had a faint laugh.

"A wolf, I'm surprised you didn't sense it. Senses off or something? I'm Jared by the way…Would you like some blood or anything? I have some. Human or werewolf?"

"I would very much like human…Pandora"

He nodded calmly and moved over to a corner. A brown bag was sitting there and she watched him dig through it. She placed a hand near her boot thinking it may be a trick of some sort. She hasn't been battling zombies just to be killed by a normal man. Jared opened a bottle up and poured some red liquid into a little glass. He moved over holding it out to her. Pandora took the glass slowly checking it over. She took a small sip.

"It isn't poisonous thank you. I kill zombies too, I saw you show up in the city and I began watching you. I knew some zombies were still around so I waited to see if you needed help"

"I had myself handled thank you"

"I'm the only one here; I'm not attached to any pack or something. Lone wolf…."

Jared shrugged his shoulders moving back to the bag putting blood away. She watched him curious on why he didn't have a pack. All wolves did that she had met by why isn't he in one? She didn't want to press further so she just looked around.

"I was never born into one…I hid out here because less living dead are around so I can semi live. I have supplies and weapons, what I need to survive. Actually you can just take the whole bottle for your trip or whatever"

He moved back to the bag tossing it to her. She dropped the cup in reaction and grabbed the bottle. They looked at each other for a moment knowing a zombie was going to smell it sooner or later.

"Look…I'm meeting a friend named Criss in Washington and if you want to come with me you are more than welcome. I came here searching for someone to assist me. You up for the offer dog?"

"Let me guess, He is a vamp. Do you not know that our groups don't like each other when they meet? He'll kill me on the spot. I'd rather get torn apart then be humiliated. Thanks but no thanks"

"Come on. I've been searching and I don't want to be alone anymore. He won't kill you, I promise"

She batted her eyelashes staring at him. Those words were not a lie and it was the truth. Being alone is getting old and she needs a companion. Jared slowly looked at her sighing. If any others wolves caught him with a vampire they would probably kill him themselves. He wanted to sit alone in the empty building surrounded by darkness until he needed to leave. He shook his head grabbing his bag and another.

"Do you not understand the term lone wolf?"

"Fine…You can leave or do whatever you were doing. The zombies will get you eventually because you have to fight this out alone"

Pandora turned on her heel aggravated. She tucked the bottle into her coat pocket and looked out of the door. Nothing was in sight so she slipped outside. She paused after hearing something and saw it was just a piece of paper blowing in the wind. Jared snuck out behind her following.

"Thought you said you weren't coming?"

"I never said that...I'll follow you. Lead the way kitty cat"

He smiled and she shook her head. She had to laugh at his smart little comment. If he was going to keep them up she would have to kick him out. Pandora wasn't going to take humor for long but it has been while since she has heard any. She slowly moved through the town and Jared stood next to her at the same pace.

"I actually haven't made it this far out in the city…You think there will be a lot more here?"

"Couldn't answer that one…"

"Well it seems like you know more than me but I guess not…Washington?"

Pandora nodded making her way through the quiet desert.

While they hid out in a building from the sunlight, she learned all sorts of things about Jared. His favorite color is blue, He used to work in construction, and He loves rock music, Enjoys pizza and last talked to his girlfriend when she was visiting family in Virginia. He talked to her on the phone then the outbreak happened. Jared has been trying to contact her but nothing has come up. He faces the fact that she is probably a zombie lurking around. Pandora felt sympathy for him. It had to be hard not seeing the person you love and doesn't know what happen to them. When night time came around she packed her things along with him. They walked into a city that looked completely empty. Jared moved over to a sign laying it the dirt.

"Welcome to the city of sin, Las Vegas"

"At least we made some progress. Didn't think we would make it this far"

"What happens in Vegas…Stays in Vegas. And it looks like all the dead bodies stayed"

She shook her head slipping her jacket off. It was much more humid than last night and she wondered how he was even surviving in leather pants. She took a long drink of the blood before putting it in his bag. Cold blood tasted horrible and she was glad that it was at least 90 degrees out. They walked over a few bodies and checked each of them out. Never know if they could be carrying something valuable or not.

As they continued on Pandora took ahold of Jared's shirt and pulled him aside.

"What the hell was that for?"

She pointed and she looked around the corner. A man was fighting three zombies.

"He is a were…Look, I gotta go help him"