Wow, it has taken me forever to post a new story and I'm really sorry about that. However, I came up with a new idea using short stories to retell classical fairytales in a more gruesome, Scarytale's fashion. These story with be renamed under the category of Deadly Ever After. Thanks!


The little girl had made the first mistake of straying away from her camp. Her second mistake was straying into the woods. Everyone knew to stay far away from there. Her camp had settled in the parking lot of a campground as far from the woods as possible but while her older sister had been tending to group matters, the little girl, in her boredom, had decided to explore a little. As we all know, the funnest things to do are the ones people tell you not to.

She didn't think it was a big deal as she pulled her red hoodie on and wondered off. She danced around in the patches of sunlight that reached the ground and marveled at how high the tree went. She couldn't comprehend the true danger she was really in. She never saw the man watching her from behind the trees.

"Flowers!" she exclaimed as she stumbled upon a meadow full of them. The little girl had seen flowers before when they walked along the roads but she had never been able to pick them. She began to pick handfuls and inhaled the wondrous scents as she stuffed them in her pockets. She didn't register the man until he was right behind her.

"You're a long way from home, little red" he growled. The little girl stiffened as she realized what all her mistakes had led up to. She tried to stand tall as she had seen her sister stand against these men but all her resolve crumbled as she turned to face him and me his hungry eyes. He roared and lunged at her. Screaming she ducked under his arm and went tearing off in the general direction off her camp. She stopped only once when the she heard the man hit the ground and watched as he convulsed. His bones began to snap and reform and his skin tore revealing thick black hair. Within minutes the little girl in the red hoodie stood before the big bad werewolf. "Hunter!" Little red screamed for her sister as she went sprinting through the brush, stumbling over roots and rocks and ducking beneath branches. As she ran she recalled all the times her sister had warned her away from the woods. Since the sudden spread of the Lycan Virus, the world had become a hunting ground for the werewolf species. Any and all humans had struggled to stay alive in groups called camps as they traveled leaving the woods for the wolves. Humans were killed every day and anyone they caught that was a werewolf or might be infected was killed immediately.

"This isn't a joke" Hunter had told her "I don't like killing people but I have to keep you safe".

Little Red recalled when the first time she had seen a werewolf. It had been standing over the mangled body of her grandmother and was looking at her with hungry eyes. Hunter had grabbed the old ax from the shed and bludgeoned him to death. Her sister had never put the ax down after that.

Hunter had taken her to a group of other survivors intent on getting away. Over time Hunter had risen to be the leader but she always had time for Red. A sick feeling twisted in her stomach as she realized she would never see Hunter again.

She ran harder before a particularly high root caught her shoe and sent her sprawling. She screaming as something clamped around her calf and blindly kicked out. When she heard a yelp, she knew she was successful. Rolling over she watched as the werewolf bore over her, saliva dripping down on her before a yell split the air.

Little red watched as Hunter burst through the tree line swing her ax. The wolf jumped back, snarling, before launching himself at Hunter. She swung the ax and gutted the wolf, groin to chin. The great beast collapsed, as its hot infected blood spilled into the flowers.

Hunter wrapped the little girl in her arms and held her as she sobbed on her shoulder. Little red cried openly as Hunter tried to soothe her.

"Hunter..." she cried.

"It's okay, everything's going to be okay" Hunter assured her.

"No, Hunter..."

"What?" Hunter pulled away from her. The little girl sobbed as she pulled away from her sister and showed her leg. Her pants had been torn and blood leaked from the obvious bite wound.

"Oh no, Little Red, oh no"