It was dark, like how it was every single night. I peered into the glass window, watching all the stars that engulf the cosmic. That was nothing that I can do, not that I know what to do or what the purpose of the trip is. Everything was always alright to me, I was sheltered with a room enough for my supposed need and meals whenever I'm hungry. The others were always different, so much different than me but how would I know if they're different or if I am the only one? Yet I never see similarities between all of us living in this ship. But every time we reach a landing, only one lands and I'd never see them again. Then again, nobody gets attached here yet there's a feeling of emptiness inside me that I could not comprehend. Nobody tries to interact with anyone; it cannot be help that we can't understand each other too but we're on the same ship therefore everyone tolerates everyone else.

But then again, I lied. I know why we're all here. Supposedly, we have a landing that the superior called 'Planet'. The superior, a breed of greatness and in-between- as they have claimed themselves let us know that we were special, the most special of our species and I was apparently from a planet called Earth or something. I'm not really sure since they explained us about our experimental values since we were young. Experimental values as in to see how long we will last in the ship, and how productive we can be. We did undergo several procedures that I've gotten numb over the years. I longed for this 'Earth'. Will there be more of me? Will this emptiness finally disappear?

Yet the truth is bigger than this hollowness. I will die when I did finally reach 'Earth'. I've been here since forever or so I've been told. The superior already warned us about this fatality; and had given us choices on whether to land or continues on the trip. Soon enough, we will finally reach the Earth. Knowing the impending doom, there's only one choice for me. To either die on my land or forever lost in space. Both options with nature that I will soon commit.