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A long time ago there was a kingdom ruled by the renown King Solomon. Within his mighty kingdom there were seven sacred clans to the north high in the mountains lived the Healing clan who practiced herbal remedies and other such medicine. The Healing clan was powerful not only in their medicines and white magic, but also there fighting skill. The clan preferred to use giant fans to fight with. To the west was the Gun clan who of course specialized in gun fighting. To the Northeast lived the Samurai clan who fight with skill, to the east lived the Amazon clan who fight with spears, bows and arrows. To the south lived the Warrior clan to the south-east lived the Ninja clan a very sneaky lot who pride themselves in what the do. Finally to the south-west lived the Mage clan sorcery at its finest black and white magic is practiced here.

On this fine day King Solomon visited the ocean to ease his mind of the rumor about a war breaking out on a nearby continent.

"Hey." Someone called to him bringing him out of his thoughts. The man who spoke to him was Rossima Solomon's oldest friend since childhood.

Rossima was a very skilled man in everything from weaponry to magic not to mention very knowledgeable. When Solomon became kin he made Rossima his advisor. He was the only one who knew the king's secrets.

"I know what's troubling you my lord, and it's not just the war overseas. Queen Katrin is expecting any day now, then there's your slip up."

"Enough Rossima!" Solomon said sharply.

"As you wish my lord, luckily Queen Katrin doesn't know." Rossima said with a smile.

"I wish I was stronger so I could protect my kingdom from possible invasion."

"You needn't worry your majesty..."

Solomon didn't listen as something caught his eye in the water. He picked up fourteen fine jewels from the sea each had a small image of some sort. "This will make a fine gift to Katrin." He said to himself.

He took one of the gems and made a necklace out of it. He placed the other gems in his pouch as he tried on the necklace. Rossima watched the king curiously when the king placed his necklace on he noticed the jewel start to shine bright. A large serpent the legendary Leviathan appeared.

"Solomon!" Rossima yelled ready to cast a powerful spell to save his king.

Solomon looked up and gasped at Leviathan. He stumbled backwards loosening the necklace and falling from his grasp. When the necklace landed in the sand Leviathan disappeared.

Rossima understood Leviathan is inside the jewel the king should not have such jewels. A smiled crossed his lips as he thought of the perfect way for him to hand over to him. Once he had those jewels in his possession nothing could stop him from receiving what is rightfully his.

"Are you alright?" He asked casually.

"Yeah I'm fine." Solomon said as he dusted himself off.

"Your highness I thing I should carry those jewels for you."


"Because I can keep them safe for you."

"I think I am capable of taking care of these jewels." Solomon picked up the necklace and placed it with the other jewels.

"Damn it Solomon I'm only doing this to protect you." Rossima said as he lunged at the king.

The jewels flung out of the king's pouch. "What has gotten into you Rossima?"

Argh!" Solomon screamed as he was flown back with a spell cast by Rossima.

Rossima had a smug grin on his face as he straightened himself out and bent down to gather the jewels. Solomon raised his aching head and looked at Rossima.

"What the hell?" Rossima yelled. Solomon looked on in surprise as large creatures attacked Rossima and vanished. Solomon got up slowly Rossima was nowhere to be seen.

"I'll be back Solomon and all will be mine," his voice echoed on the wind.

Solomon gathered the jewels and hurried home. The king was greeted by his servants who looked at him with worry. His face had a large cut on the forehead, his clothes singed.

"Your majesty what...?" one servant was about to ask.

"Would you bring Cid and the Bishop to my chambers?"

"Of course." The servant said hurrying to find the two men.

Solomon went to his chambers and examined the gems. A knock came at the door "come in."

A young man in his late teens to early twenties came in followed by the old bishop.

"You summoned for us?" Cid asked.

"What on earth happened to you?" The Bishop asked.

"Never mind that now I have a job for the both of you."

"What's that?" Cid asked.

"Cid I want you to take these gems and give them to the seven temples have them protect these gems with their lives."

"Uh yes sir I'll do as you wish." he said taking the gems and leaving with a salute.

"Bishop I want you to take the remaining seven gems and stash them away somewhere. Take the secret where you hid them to the grave with you."

"Yes sir, should I send for someone to take care of your wounds? I'm sure Katrin wouldn't want to see you like this."

"Don't worry about it."


"Damn that was close I could have been...No never the reason I was injured was because Solomon possessed them. Well once my wounds heal properly I'll be back." Rossima laughed at his plan.