No more games mage." Tristan said as he placed the topaz ring to his heart. Aero stopped in the middle of his spell as the warrior summoned The Three Sisters. "Tristan I thought we agreed no summons."

"I didn't say that Aero."

"I see, this isn't fair Tristan."

"Yeah well neither was killing me. Now then this will be fun to watch."

Aero was surrounded by the Three Sisters there was no way he could live through this and there's no time to summon Bahamut. Kage saw the Three Sisters appear she wished she'd bothered to wake Dao Ming up. By the time she went to get Dao Ming Aero would be killed a thousand times over. Not sure what the best course of action would be she felt something coming this way. "Tristan!" she called out to him.

"What? This is fair then Dao Ming can bring him back to life and then we're even."Tristan said as he watched Aero attempt to dodge the sisters attacks.

"No Tristan that not what..." Kage stopped in her speech as two unknown beasts appeared. Tristan saw the beasts "Holy Shit!: Tristan said moving out of the way. Luckily for Aero Tristan called off the sister just in time Aero was getting tired of trying to dodge their attacks.

Kage stood beside Tristan and Aero ready to fight off these creatures. The creatures started casting thunder at the party the three just barely dodged the attack. The noise woke the other member of the party. Aero started casting reflect on his party members. He was about to cast reflect on Tristan when he noticed one of the creatures was about to cast some unknown spell on Tristan.

Aero pushed Tristan out of the way making the spell hit him instead. Tristan wasn't sure what to think as Aero lay there motionless as if his very soul was sucked out of him. The rest of the party fought off the monsters the best they could. These creatures were probably one of the strongest the faced so far. Dao Ming went over to resurrect the mage one of the creatures attacked her Soo Jin jumped in and blocked the attack.

Dao Ming let out a sigh of relief as the others fought off the creatures. Life would take to long to take effect and the others could use her help. She remembered hearing that the Phoenix was suppose to bring the fallen back to life and also kill your enemies. She never tried it but now would be as good a time as any.

The pearl around her neck began to shine brightly as the large mystical bird appeared out of no where. As the bird flew the two creatures were engulfed by flames. The phoenix also flew over the fallen mage dropping its tears.

Aero's soul was lost, when he died saving the blasted warrior. His soul floated in the sky as the wind took him towards his destination the lifestream. From there he would be greeted by Xing Ji for his judgment which he feared. as his soul broke through the surface of the planet he could feel as well as see the energy and life that was all heading in the same direction.

Aero saw many spirits of humans and animals alike all flowing together creating a river of souls that circled the planet. Aero was following them until something pulled him back as if he was chained up and someone tugged on the chain to get him to stay. He started going backwards at an unknown speed until he was just above his body. His soul slowly sank back into his body. Dao Ming watched as Aero took in a breath of air before he slowly opened his eyes and was back among the living.

Aero got up slowly and dug through his belongings. Sure enough Kage was into his things. "Kage!"

"Darn I was hoping you wouldn't notice." Kage said as she reluctantly gave back what she stole.

"So what's the plan? Should we split up to find the gems or what?" Kris asked.

"Cid wants to talk to us in his stateroom." Antiope said.

The party headed back to the airship to talk to Cid. "Hey um...thanks." Tristan said.

"Thanks for what?" Aero asked.

"You know for um..." Tristan said feeling uncomfortable thanking the mage.

"Um... your welcome I guess." Aero said feeling just as uncomfortable as the warrior. Tristan gave a friendly punch to the mage's shoulder. Aero not sure how to take this punched him back. "Ow! damn you hit hard for someone whose just a magic user."

"Excuse me?"

"Hey look about earlier I'm sorry man really. But let us keep this between us ok."

"What are you going on about?"

"Look lets pretend we still hate each other, it could ruin my reputation, not to mention my dream."

"Ok." Aero said still feeling uncomfortable with the warrior being relatively friendly with him.

"Good then while we are in the presence of the others we hate each other, by the way you and Dao Ming..."

"What about Dao Ming and myself?"

"You two are a perfect couple you should ask her out on a date."

"Don't be absurd! Dao Ming and I are not a perfect couple, and since we are on this subject what about you and Soo Jin?"

I wont lie Soo Jin and I would make a cute couple. If I could only think of a way to win her over."


"You know Dao Ming your doing it all wrong." Kage said.

"What are you talking about Kage?"

"You and Aero of course. If you want to be noticed by Aero or any other guy who is oblivious to you. You need a new look not to mention to make him jealous that always wins him over, if we run into any men you need to flirt with him. That way Aero will proclaim his love for you."

"What? Kage don't misunderstand Aero and I are just companions like Tristan and Soo Jin are."

Kage laughed. "Dao Ming if you haven't noticed Tristan has been trying to claim Soo Jin as his since he met her."

Dao Ming wanted to reply to that but couldn't think of anything. She knew better the to mess with fate and she wasn't too pleased with her comrades trying to hook them up.

I'm going to be honest." Cid said bluntly "With the airship busted like it is, it'll take awhile to fix. You need to explore further inland."

"We don't have the time to sit around waiting for it to be fixed!" Tristan shouted.

"I'm not suggesting anyone wait. I'll keep work on fixing it while you search by foot or on chocobos."

"Sooo... Basically you want us to go out risking our lives searching for clues that might not exist that lead to magical artifacts lost since before we were even born on a monster infested continent completely alien to us... While you stay here in this coastal town repairing you skyship?" Kage asked.

"Pretty much. I already told you this."

"We didn't think you meant we needed to search the entire continent on foot." Antiope scowled.

"Yeah, well things don't always go as planned. Searching the nearby woods hasn't done much good, you'll have to go father out." Cid replied.

Tristan sighed angrily. "Well, there's nothing else to be done. Well hit the tavern for one last drink, then go farther afield."

"I think we should just get moving." Kris said resolutely.

Kage gained a sly look to her eyes and adopted a pouty face. "But I'm just so thirsty!" She exclaimed.

"Then drink some water while we're moving." The gunslinger snorted.

"But I wanna get something from the tavern." She turned large watery eyes at the healer "Please Dao Ming? Don't you think it'd be better then drinking from a stupid canteen?"

Dao Ming watched her with a fond smile "I suppose so."

At some point Kage had realized Dao Ming was the one least likely to get angry over her antics, and then proceeded to latch onto Dao Ming, treating like a protective older sister.

"She's just trying to start trouble." Kris glared.

"I know she can be a bit of a brat, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a point. There are at least three of us who would like to drop by the tavern." Dao Ming replied.

"I wouldn't mind getting a drink." chimed in Soo Jin. Antiope nodded in agreement. "I rather hate to say this" Aero's quiet voice said "But I think we should continue on."

"Unfortunately, you've been outvoted. To the tavern!" Kage pointed at the building in question.

They all headed inside, sitting down at a large table. Antiope turned to Kage and asked. "Why are you so eager anyways? All you ever order is juice?"

Kage grinned irrepressibly. "Drunk men guard their wallets less. We have to fund our travels somehow." She chirped brightly.

"Thief." Scowled Kris.

"Drunk men can also be more violent when they get angry. Do be careful won't you Kage?" Dao Ming fussed.

"She's fine." Aero told the both of them.

"I suppose I can be a bit of a worrywart at times." The healer said sheepishly.

Kris merely huffed angrily "whatever."

As everyone was finishing up their drinks Antiope caught a piece of conversation.

"Unnatural I tell ya! Islands aren't meant to vanish!"

She turned and looked at the pair of fishermen having the conversation. "What's this then?" She asked them.

"You've never heard of the Vanishing Isle?"

"No, I'm afraid my friends and I are new to the area. So the island just...vanishes?"

"Aye, lass. At least once a year it'll disappear. After many days or even weeks it'll show back up somewhere else." The fisherman brooded over his ale and his friend added.

"There's no who'll step foot upon the isle. Many swear it is cursed."

Antiope thanked them for their time and turned back to her table, all of them watching the exchange take place.

"I suppose we're going to make a stop at the cursed island of missingness then, huh?" Kage asked, bouncing in her seat.

"You could try to be serious for once." snapped Tristan.

Dao Ming frowned at him and said "Despite the flippant attitude she has a point. We are going to this island, yes?"

"It would take incredible magic to make an island move." Broke in Aero "something so powerful have something to do with the summoning Gems."

And it was decided they'd go check it out. "See." Kage said "And you didn't want to stop at the tavern."

Laughing, she dodged the bullet Kris shot at her.

They ended up renting a couple of boats and rowing over to the island. Kage was pale green the entire time, leaning over the side of the boat. When they landed Dao Ming coaxed her off to the side with the promise of a potion to settle her stomach.

"If you could stop putting people into a killing rage, I'd appreciate it."

"But its so fun! And easy. Really. They kind of fly into killing ranges at the drop of a hat."

Anything Dao Ming might've said to that was cut off by the others running back in. "We found one! We've got the coordinates to Leviathan!" Soo Jin shouted happily. Dao Ming nearly collapsed in relief. "We're one step closer then." She murmured.