Chapter 1

Rossima stood before the council of elders. "It has come to my attention of the destruction of the seven clan villages for the sacred gems." The elders murmured to each other. "I have a sneaky suspicion who is behind it all?"

"You do?"

"Yes, Rossima and his minions, the minions are the ones who destroyed the village and stole the gems. We must put a warrant out for the arrest of these people."

"How can we arrest them if we don't know who they are?" One elder asked.

"Not to worry I have a file here of the suspects behind it." He said tossing it to the elders.

"Solomon surely a warrior, an Amazon, a gunfighter, a samurai, a ninja, a mage, and a healer would be involved."

"And why not?"

"Healers are nomads they don't choose sides."

"That's what they want you to think then bam they attack with their killer fans. Now captain I want you to put these posters up and keep your guard up they are probably in the city planning my assassination."

"Yes sir!" The captain said with a salute.

Cid had sat and listened to the king order a warrant for these people. It just didn't add up to why seven people would destroy and kill their own people. He also noticed something odd about Solomon, in the sixteen years Cid had known him he would never acted in such a way. Cid figured the best thing for him to do was to find them before the captain and his guards. He left the castle to get information.

Kage roamed the city looking for something to steal. She had already gotten herself a hundred gold coins, twenty pieces of silver from passing noblemen. She spotted one of the guards posting something curious, she snuck over and looked.

"Oh boy! I'm worth a lot." It was then she noticed the seriousness of the matter at hand here. If her and her companions stayed any longer they would be arrested and sent to the gallows. She moved swiftly back to the inn.

Aero stirred slightly and sat up in bed. "Uh...what happened?"

"You fainted." Dao Ming said as she placed a warm towel over his forehead. Aero noticed that they were the only two in the room. "Where is everybody?"

"They went to explore the city I volunteered to look after you."

"The last thing I remember is that guard taking my staff. Then everything went blank."

"Aero about what I said to the guard about you being my fiancé, it was just to get into the city without any trouble."

"What! Fiancé! I am not your fiancé and I never will be!" Aero said body aching.

"Settle down Aero, here drink this." She said pouring a cold liquid down his throat to ease the pain. She ignored Aero's last statement she wasn't interested at the moment whether or not they'd ever be. She had more important things to worry about. A smile crossed her lips at the thought of them as a happily married couple she started to laugh. Oh the scandal, the irony if it did happen the other healers wouldn't technically judge her choice as is their nature, a healer and a mage that was sinful for a healer to go back to their roots by marrying a mage. Although, if they got together their clans would become one again.

It wasn't her place, she leaves it to the fates. The thought of being married to a hot-headed mage bothered her. "We have a problem!" Kage said storming into the room interrupting Dao Ming's thoughts.

"What is it?"

Kage held up the wanted poster of the seven of them. "Looks like meeting with the king is a no go." Kage said.

The others arrived with more pressing news guards were swarming the city. Aero got up and went to the bathroom. As they discussed how to get out of the city without being caught by the guards, someone slipped through the window.

The party stood ready to fight if need be. "So you're the ones sworn to protect the gems." He said with a smile.

"Who are you?" Kris asked pulling her gun out.

"I am Cid, and you're Kris of the gun clan sworn to protect the Diablos gem. The only child of the headman."

Kris was stunned that he knew who she was. Cid turned to face Tristan "You're Tristan of the warrior clan sworn to protect the three sisters gem you hope to someday to protect the castle and become a legendary knight. You also want the mage dead and you have a thing for the samurai."

"What I do not!"

Soo Jin didn't like hearing that part. "You're Soo Jin of the samurai clan you are to protect the Ifrit gem you cousin is the healer. Kage of the ninja clan sworn to protect Siren. Your bribing the mage to teach you magic."

Tristan glared at her more than angry with her for deceiving him. "Dao Ming of the healer clan that wields the sacred Phoenix gem. One of the most powerful healers in the whole clan. Antiope of the Amazon clan the Amazon who wields Shiva."

Just then Aero came out of the bathroom dressed back in his red robe. "Ah the complex mage who wields Bahamut."

"What do you want?" Aero asked sternly.

"How do you know who we are?" Kris asked.

"I've known for years. I've been to all seven clans and have learned the ways of the gun, mage, warrior, ninja, samurai, and healer clan. Not to mention my old home back in the Amazon clan. Now then I am here to help you. I have an airship dock at the end of the city. I will escort you to the outer continent."

"Why the outer continent?" Tristan asked.

"Aren't the people there still at war with each other?" Kris asked.

"That's where the other seven gems are hidden. The Bishop placed clues written in riddles to find them. Now come we don't have time for anymore idle banter we must leave." Cid peered out the window noticing the guards heading to the inn. "Shit!"

The party followed Cid out of the window and up on the roof. "There they are up on the roof!" one of the guards said. The party moved swiftly splitting up so it would be harder to get them. Cid came across an armored vehicle he got in the driver's seat and started it up. He then whistled for Kage, Antiope, and Kris. He drove at a speed that matched a golden chocobo. Kris and Antiope were shooting arrows and bullets at the guards.

Tristan came across a motorcycle with Soo Jin. Guards were coming at them by the dozen, Soo Jin was tiring out Tristan fought off as many as he could. He felt a surge of energy rush through him as he charged at the nearest guard. Soo Jin watched as the guards went flying backwards she could hear the agonizing cry of the guards as the just lay there motionless.

"Come on we can escape on this thing." Tristan said.

"I'm not riding that thing."

"Just get on already."

"Only if you let me drive."

"What no way!"

"Move over let me drive."

"No! A man is supposed to be behind the wheel."

Soo Jin raised an eyebrow and was about to argue further when he grabbed her around the waist and placed her on the bike and drove off.

Aero and Dao Ming moved swiftly through the streets of the city. They came across the dead guards that their allies had recently killed. "I don't like this Dao Ming said staring at the dead guards.

"I know."

"Do you think we got time to send them to the lifestream?"

"I don't know. I know better than to cast magic I don't want any of the civilians to get hurt. But we will do the ritual."

The two of them went about sending the dead guards to the lifestream. Not having them come back as fiends. "I hope Jingshen will accept them." Dao Ming said.

"You mean Xing Ji." Aero replied.

"No I mean Jingshen." Dao Ming said with a sigh. They were indeed too different.

Cid got into the airship The Red Falcon and started it up. The party was amazed at how spacious it looked. "Is everyone here?" Cid asked.

"Dao Ming and Aero haven't shown up yet." Soo Jin said.

"Damn it! Cid said as he steered the ship over the city to look for the two missing members of the party. Kage instantly felt nauseous as she race to the bridge before she threw up. The others looked out the window searching for a sign of the two.

"There they are." Antiope said.

Dao Ming and Aero were being surrounded by the remaining guards. "What do you think?" Aero asked.

""It's not going to be easy." Dao Ming said getting into place. "My magic wont work much unless I want to destroy the whole town." Aero said.

"Don't worry we'll get through this."

Aero spotted Cid's airship. "Grab hold!" Kris said throwing down a ladder so the two could climb up. "They're getting away attack!" The captain said.

Aero was about halfway up the ladder when they started firing their guns. One managed to hit his left shoulder making getting up on the airship almost impossible. When he finally got up his body ached from the bullet in his shoulder and that damned cursed spell.

He stood up and faced the city his eyes a blaze the other party members grew concerned especially when he gripped his staff. The party watched in horror as the city was engulfed by flames. Aero collapsed on the cabin floor.

Rossima watched from his own airship. He couldn't ask for anything better the city was destroyed. He doubt there were any survivors from the flare magic. He would have preferred if the mage summoned Bahamut. Oh well, he had new plans now follow the party at a safe distance to lead him to the where about of the other gems.

Aero came to before any of his companions could help him. He placed a hand over his injured shoulder whispering a few words under his breath. The bullet came out of his shoulder and his shoulder was healed. Everyone was silent as they all avoided eye contact with the mage. "What? What's with the silent treatment?" He asked.

"You idiot you destroyed the whole city! You just as bad as Rossima!" Tristan said.

Aero looked out the window to see the castle city destroyed the only thing that remained was half the castle. Aero sank to his knees not wanting to believe he destroyed the city. He went to an empty cabin he didn't make an appearance since.

Dao Ming went to check on Aero. She found him meditating amongst a bunch of lighted candles. "Are you ok Aero?"

"I don't deserve it." Aero mumbled.


"I don't deserve this tainted gem! There's no way she'll forgive me I'll be sent to the abyss of oblivion."

"I'm sure Xing Ji will forgive you in time." Dao Ming said trying to reassure him. She really wasn't sure she didn't know what type of Goddess Xing Ji was, but if she was anything like Jingshen in time you'll be forgiven if you prove yourself. She left him to his thoughts for now. Cid came in to have a word with the boy "Look kid I know you're in pain from the curse Huo put on you, to feeling guilty about destroying the castle city. Don't be, in my years I've seen there's no need for a guilty conscience."

"What are you going on about? I'm suppose to feel guilty."

"You've never forgiven your mother for leaving you at the temple." Aero's eyes went wide at the very mention of his mother.


Aero stood in front of the statue of Xing Ji wrapped in a wool blanket. His mother, a lovely young mage bent down and kissed her son. She whispered a few words and then she left without looking back.

End Flashback

Aero realized now that the words whispered to him as a child was a protection spell. He bit his lip refusing to cry. "What about Aysu and Hua?" Cid asked.

Aero looked away Cid was really laying it on him he was a horrible brother to Aysu he couldn't protect her. "You never forgave Hua for leaving either."

"Shut up!"

"All reasons why you're so cold to your companions. You refusing to let people in, you refusing to show other people your pain. For fear that you'll end up hurt. They are all going through a similar problem here. Don't be tied down to guilt." Cid said before leaving pondering if he should have said all that. His next step would be to have a talk with Tristan, but that could wait for now.

Cid went back to the helm and unlocked the autopilot. He noticed for some reason they were loosing altitude. "Hold on everybody we are going down prepare yourself for emergency landing."

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