I remember

The day we got you;

So small

With big green eyes

And an awkward gait.

You were special, no doubt

In more ways than one.

With a crook in your tail

You even had thumbs.

You were thin, at first,

But you got so big!

You made me giggle and laugh

And you were always there.

At times, you bugged me,

But I didn't mind.

You made me feel better

When the world was against me.

You never picked sides,

Yet I felt I always won.

When you were around

I was 'number one'.

I wrote this for you,

My dark-furred friend,

In memory of all you did

And all you helped me to be.

I know that now

You're in a better place,

And I'll never forget you,


-In memory of Trinity: Feline, Family, and Friend.

Sunday, October 14, 2012