Chapter 2

Ivan was found an orphan in Siberia Russia. Upon his arrival there the care takers noticed something a little unusual about him. They assumed he was just born with some strange anonymous disorder.

Once or twice they saw he had unusual abilities. He claimed to be able to talk to animals, predict the future and sometimes if you looked him right in the eyes, he could tell you exactly what you were thinking or at least come very close to it.

Thomas was informed of Ivan and met with the boy at the Siberian orphanage. Certainly he was surprised at how smart Ivan was. He witnessed how the boy could move things simply with his mind and unlike everyone else who was feared it, it fascinated him.

Thomas knew more than enough about people born with extraordinary gifts, but he could never figure out what creation Ivan could possibly be. He assumed he was a creation of his own, something that just hadn't been discovered yet.

Thomas always insisted Ivan should never hesitate to take the time to rummage within himself to see what other things he was capable of. Ivan eventually discovered he had a strange ability to convince people or put them into a sort of trace. Though, he always avoided people or a care to use it on them.

Ivan was never good with people. He was abandoned at too young of an age to really understand them. He hated people really. He'd tell Elsa that a lot. Behind his pale blue eyes they had all done him wrong.

Elsa took the elevator up to the last floor. The beautiful white door would lead to the suite after she had to enter in a few codes for it to open.

When it did she took off her shoes on the small section of cold tile and stepped onto warm, spotless white carpet.

Her settling eyes looked around the home. She wondered slowly around the quiet place. It seemed lonely; Beautiful, but lonely.

Elsa reached the glass sliding door that lead to the balcony. Outside she felt a strong breeze passing through. She got close to the ledge. Her arms crossed as they sat upon the steel railing. Her twinkling eyes wondered down to the large skyscrapers and flashing lights below her.

She started to reconcile her own story as she was not a human, but a nymph.

Thomas found her in Ireland and she was told it was by more of an accident. She was never exactly "searched for" so to speak.

She had been like a lost soul for as long as she could remember. It wasn't always that way though. She had been born to a circle of nymphs where she was taught to grow gardens with her hands and sing and dance, but that life she was handed would never that simple for her.

All the while her circle didn't find Elsa as pretty as the other nymphs. They found she was ageing a lot faster than she was supposed to. As immortals, it takes years for them to grow into a mere teenager. However Elsa was growing like a weed. The fact was unheard of and suspicious.

The only thing keeping her in the circle was her mother and how she had been one of the most beautiful and highly looked upon of all the nymphs. It didn't seem likely at all a nymph like her would bear a child like Elsa.

Elsa remembered some rumors that she may have been half banshee. Some said Elsa had a knack for going out into the villages and entering people's homes before someone was about to die.

Elsa knew that was only a tall tale. The truth is ever since she could walk she was always so fascinated by humans. She always wanted to know more about them. She couldn't understand why the nymphs only pitied them, calling them dull mortals or life's accident.

Her mother must have had enough of the rumors and humiliation until she finally banished Elsa and took her far away to abandon her.

Elsa couldn't understand after all that time she would do such thing. She knew her mother loved her, she could feel it in her heart, yet why would she leave her and banish her out of the circle?

Elsa remembered the last time she saw her very clearly and tried not to think about it. Many years had passed since then. Alone she ended up doing the only thing she did best. She created a beautiful garden that went on for acres.

It was hard to believe it was just a coincidence Thomas was exploring the mysterious garden where he saw her. She was hiding at first. He gave her his hand as if he knew exactly who she was, and that was all she needed to know that he would be the one to help her.

Out of her brothers she seemed to have the least of abilities. Many times she wondered why she was even here amongst them. She saw her abilities as just strange and unuseful.

There were things about her that seemed to be more like quirks. Once in a while she is able to heal wounds, but it was a limited thing. Permanently she smelled like the beautiful garden, no matter how many times she'd get dirty. She had a very prominent photographic memory. Also, if she touches someone, it brings about a very noticeable euphoric feeling that is rarely forgotten.

She was never sure why it was her arm that heated up as it did now. Usually the nymphs she knew had a burning sensation around the heart whenever someone thought about them. For her, it just happened to always be her arm.

Speaking of, she grabbed her arm it burned so much. It came as sort of a surprise. It had been burning quite a bit lately, which was unusual because she didn't think a lot of people thought about her much.

She turned her head away from the city, taking a deep breath as she tried hard not to think about a time it would burn often. That time was when she first met Klaus.

She couldn't help but wonder where he is now. She had a clue; someplace where karcia flowers grow.

She reluctantly began to wonder what Klaus looked like now. She wondered if he looked any older, visualizing his bright eyes, gold hair and tanned skin.

She wondered if he ate often or always went to bed hungry. Did he had made any friends, or was still friendly for that matter? Did he have a stable place to live? Did he smile anymore? Did he miss Prida as much as she missed him, or even found a way out of that country? Did he really decide to follow his father after all? Was he even alive?

Do such flowers grow in the desert and if they do, does he think of her every time he sees them?

Abruptly she heard something moving behind her. She turned to the dark to find a shadow of a something lurking low to the ground.

It made a deep mummery growl as it slowly showed itself in the light. It appeared to be a jaguar now came towards her.

Her heart stopped.

She fell over when it pounced, shaking in the knees. Its head came close to hers. Beautiful yellow eyes stared, and within seconds it had turned human.

"K...K.." She began but couldn't finish.

In not even a second the jaguar became a young man with dark skin and warm eyes. He was a too good of a shape shifter.

"Sorry," Kai laughed softly, his voice was very deep and tender.

"You scared me to death!" Elsa exclaimed. "Where have you been?" She asked. Her eyes wondered to his fancy outfit. Something she hadn't seen him in for a while.

"Around," he smiled warmly. "What were you thinking so deeply about? You looked puzzled."

"Do you know what a Karcia flower is?" Elsa asked.

Kai's eyes became a tad wider. "Where did you hear of karcias?"

"Somewhere...I can't remember," Elsa pretended.

"Yes," Kai started. "I know about them. Ask me if I've seen them I'll tell you no. They are very rare to find."

"I'm sure they aren't that hard to find," Elsa said.

"Ever heard of the lucky four leaf clover?" Kai asked.

"Of course," Elsa replied with a smirk.

"This flower is lucky for real," Kai whispered. "A million times harder to find too. Whoever finds it, gets anything they want. That's why they're practically not existent anymore."

"Well, why doesn't someone just grow them?" Elsa asked.

"Not that simple," Kai smiled. "They are impossible to grow. It's like they grow when they want too. They are flowers that have minds of their own."

Elsa couldn't help but start to chuckle at his seriousness.

"You think I'm joking don't you?" Kai asked.

Elsa grinned. "A flower that gives you a wish?" Elsa grinned. "Sounds like a fairy tale to me."

"Funny thing to say coming from a nymph," Kai's smile faded. His ebony eyes looked out into the city as he sighed. "I believe it."

"I'm sure it would be easy to believe anything after going to another world," Elsa said looking out into the same city.

"In a way," Kai replied. "You'll be going to Emberland soon. Are you excited?"

"I don't know," she replied. There was a place each of them went too when they turned eighteen. Elsa was planned to go there for the first time tonight. It was such an overwhelming thought. Though, she wasn't planning on staying long.

"Are you afraid?" he asked, reading her uneasy expression.

"I'm not sure," she gulped. "I have no idea what to expect."

"Well I only told you many times," Kai replied. "It's amazing. There's nothing at all to be afraid of."

"I'm terrified," she admitted. Though, other thoughts had terrified her, not Emberland.

"When you go there, you will never want to leave," he said.

Elsa tried to think about this place, but she wasn't really. Only in tad bits between visions of a desert where rare flowers grow.

"Imagine all your worries and woes taken away from you at once. You are a world away from anyone who has ever hurt you or done you any wrong," he said.

Elsa tried to grasp ahold of his words, but her attempts were useless. Still a sandstorm was raging threw her mind. The flowers there were getting covered, but they were never completely buried.

"There is no evil, only kindness amongst people, who so few are there," Kai beamed. "If heaven were real, that would be it."

Elsa was now holding on tightly to the railing of the balcony, staring intently down at the people and cars passing by.

"Imagine," he smiled. "You'll be there sooner than you know."

"We better get going there before we are late," Elsa replied suddenly, wanting nothing more but to end the conversation. Kai simply nodded his head in agreement.

Both of them left the balcony to quickly finish getting ready.

Elsa glanced in the mirror to see her pale face, dark auburn hair and deep steel colored eyes. They were without doubt unusual looking. She brushed through her wavy hair and put on a little makeup as she rarely did.

In her room she rummaged through her clothes and put on a simple black dress. It was nothing fancy but nothing too casual.

She grabbed her bag she had packed earlier, looking around to see if she was forgetting anything.

Oh, the portal tickets. They lay on her dresser. She held them up with a trembles in her hand. These tickets were metallic feeling, painted a mixture of blues, yellows and pinks that denigrated in the air if you left them out for too long, which wasn't a good thing, as they were thousands of dollars to purchase.

She squinted her eyes trying to make out the old man engraved on the left side of it. He had a beard and small glasses. She tried to remember his name, Hamlet? Alfred? Albert?

Whatever his name was, he was the master of time when he was alive. He created the transporting business with his small group of porters. Today there were only two porters known in the world and only about ten others knew these people even existed.

She hid both her tickets in her bag and thought of anything else she could be forgetting.

Oh yes, Scarlet, her scorpion.

She had placed Scarlet in a small traveling container and put her in her bag.

Scarlet was a gift given to her at birth by the wise nymph. It was a tradition when a nymph is born. Each gift is inspired by a prophecy only the wise nymph had foreseen, but could never tell.

Elsa didn't know much about the mystical scorpion. She was told Scarlet had some abilities only Elsa could command it to do.

Scarlet was ancient and more than likely immortal. She had to have been just as old as she was, if not older.

Scarlet was also probably the main reason why Elsa was banished from the circle. Most gifts were sweet and helpful, like animals that could help one when they are lost, a whistle when help is needed, or enchanted jewelry.

Elsa was given a scorpion that could take ones soul away with one prick of her tail.