As a fanfiction writer and a graduate of technical communication, I find the state of writing on Fanfiction dot net (Ffnet, from here out) depressing. Settling for low quality is easy to do, instead of doing something to demand high quality fanfics. While reading a rant about collaborative writing on the Internet, I felt more compelled to do something about the quality of fanfics on Ffnet. However, low quality fics is not the only terrible thing that is happening on Ffnet. Rule breaking fics are the other problem that shows how terrible some of the stories are. If people can't read and understand the rules, how can they even write a good story.

The essays that follow this will all be about all the bad you can find on Ffnet. Rule breaking, bad summaries, and user names that scream bad fic will be all examined. Maybe even a fandom or three will be mentioned and examined to find out why there is so many bad fics. Sit back and enjoy the bad fics examination. Then maybe the next time you go looking for fanfics, you can find a good fic more easily.