Summary Part Two: If You Suck at Summaries, Wouldn't You Suck At Writing?

This chapter probably will be too long for Fictionpress chapter title character limits, but oh well, it needs to be mention.

I have seen a ton of fics where the summary has "suck at summaries" in some shape or form. Doing a search using quotation marks around "suck at summaries" ends up with a little more than 18,000 stories. The top three sections are Anime/Manga, Books, and TV Shows, and top three categories are Harry Potter, Naruto, and Twilight. I sure can see the correlation of bad summaries with certain categories. Looking through the results, I was unable to find a summary that had more written than "suck at summaries." A few times, I did see the writer groveling for a review or at least a read. One story had a summary that was telling potential readers that the story was good, but that was all I did see.

The first story I decided to look at is a fanfic for Naruto. It is in first person and is categorized as poetry (even though it doesn't look like a poem that I read). Reading it shows that it does have the feel of a poem, but there is no mention of the canon characters from Naruto. This fic is better than expected, but the writer at the end pleads to the readers to review it even though it is bad. However, this fic does have two canon characters tagged.

The second fic that I decided to look at is another Naruto fic that has summary that is demanding readers to read it. As soon as I look at this fanfic, I instantly knew I hit a bad fanfic. For one, it is a script fic, which means it is violating the guidelines of ffnet. Script fics tend to be bad when they are meant to be read rather than acted out because the reader is never given a really clear picture of what is happening. The dialogue in scripts needs to be really good because that is what the story is riding on to make readers interested. However, since it is against the rules for this type of story to be on ffnet, I do think talking about how to make a script fic is not worthwhile. Then this fic decided to surprise me when I scrolled down the page...for six paragraphs. For six paragraphs, this fanfic was not a script fic.

Moving on to the first Harry Potter fic that I spotted in "suck at summaries" search, and I find the first chapter is just original character introductions. This writer even introduced canon characters, but with this canon introduction, I can see that this writer is doing an AU that is not all that in line with canon. However, I feel like these characters that are canon are going to be treated like original characters just based on the links that were provided in the introduction (which I didn't go look at in detail). First chapter (that isn't an introduction) shows this might be a decent story with a few OCs, but I have questions about what the canon characters will be like. That question about canon characters makes me think that this fic might have some other issues.

For the three Twilight fics that I found (yes, I'm doing them in one paragraph), I will not spend too much on the characters since I don't know much about this fandom based on a book series that I love reading things that critique it hard. The first one has a title with no capitalization and uses the first chapter to introduce characters instead of the plot. However, there is no second chapter that I can judge. Moving on to the next Twilight fic, the title is all caps and the first chapter is all caps. Once I saw the last chapter, I discovered this second fanfic is actually a troll fic (the author's reasons for trolling might have been a good idea or maybe not). The third Twilight fanfic happens to be a song fic and is destined to be a bad fanfic period. I think Twilight fanfics will be an interesting category to go over with a dedicated chapter. Or maybe I might want to gauge my eyes out.