I knew I shouldn't have, but
Again I lingered to watch the kiss;

A flush of light spills over your skin,
Intimate in a way I long to be.
I watch you shiver,
A visceral answer to a question I don't want to know.

Curiosity takes control,
Staining the lie you call reality
And shattering it on the floor.
Yet you seek truth in the soulless light playing on your skin.

Still alive, thankfully, beneath vacant mien and thought,
As the image you most despise dances closer,
Weighing down your delusion
In this room that's all the world now.

I watch myself in your eyes
As I deteriorate to a phantasm.

Don't stand there petrified,
Your gaze fixed upon my own.
The mind cannot deny what the eyes devour.

You know I am real.

I pause, hindered by flesh and bone,
Horrifically corporeal when light is what charms you most.
I reach and crave and fight the impossible.
Yet you want me unaffected
A half-remembered dream.

There will be no escape this time.

No tinge of victory to deaden the sting of your ephemeral fixation
When you have scratched the vestiges of madness from your mind
And returned once more
To the realm of touch and taste and sound.

I've slipped my hand into your own.
(I fear you won't wait for sanity)

How will you fare when the next red dawn
Slides fingers of light across your skin?

I won't accept you are capable of breaking down.
You've never quite been able to stop it
From creeping under your skin;
The profane notion it doesn't matter
What you have forgotten when morning comes.

Stepping over the pieces of your obsession,
My intentions sink comfortably through you
Like an arrow in the sand.