My Perfect Man

This life is mine, though I don't want it. I still have to make the best of it. Look at me, and what do you see? I see a beautiful world, but a plain girl. Who is me, by the way. Don't you see it too? If not then what do you see? I also see a beautiful guy standing over there by that counter. He doesn't even see me. If only he did. I'd give anything for him to. To even see me once, I'd give the world, I'd give my life. He is worth anything. He is perfect. He is god's blessing. He is better than anything else. I want him not this life I have. If only I could have him. What I wouldn't give to spend a day in his arms. He is the one, the only one for me. I want him and I'll win him, before this life is over. He will be mine, just wait and see. He is everything, he is perfect in every way. I won't live without him. He is my prince.