Train Whistle

In a place far away from the human eye,

We stand on a hill in the valley of my mind.

The place where the trees dance and the river runs free,

A place where you and me can be.

Here you never have to leave.

Though in truth you have already left me.

Do you remember how we sat in silence?

Waiting for the train to pass by us.

Its Whistle kept calling to the train tracks,

And blended well with the breeze in fact.

I remember your kind smile and your delighted voice.

That made my troubles disappear with no choice.

But the grass is now over grown,

And my faults haunt me like a ghost.

I remember how you taught me how to fish,

And made me sit and listen in the bliss.

I remember the last time I heard the train whistle blow.

You were telling me you and the train were one in the same.

No longer of use, no longer necessary like in its youth.

But to me you were always here and I needed you to stay by my side.

But the train stopped coming and so did you.

Now the tracks are stained red from the tears they have cried,

Waiting for their old familiar friend to come by.

Just like those tracks my heart has turned rusted and cold,

And I sit here alone on a tarnished hill waiting for the train whistle to blow.