What is heartbreak? Heartbreak is lying on the bathroom floor, sobbing, hoping to drown yourself in tears. Heartbreak is falling to pieces when someone asks you if you are alright. Heartbreak is when you finally realize that what you have worked so hard for is falling to pieces and you can't do anything about it, so instead you just stand there staring, hoping that maybe it will stop before it all falls apart. It's knowing that you are dying inside and he's fine. It's crying yourself to sleep at night wondering if maybe, he knows what he's done to you. It's finally breaking down after being so strong, and just crying, for hours on end. It's crying so much you think that you'll never stop, you will just be stuck forever hurt, forever crying, forever broken. Hearbreak is unimaginable pain. It's a burning in you're throat, it's when you're eyes sting so bad and you can barely hold the tears back anymore. The kind of pain when you feel like someone just shot an arrow through you're heart and you're left there to suffer. It's the pain that causes your knees to give out and you can barely stand so, instead, you just curl up in a ball and cry. It's the kind of pain that makes you're body stop functioning and you have to remind yourself how to breath. It's the type of pain that makes you laugh at death because heartbreak hurts so,so much worse. That is real heartbreak.