I threw a rock forward and watched it plunge into the crisp blue waters. Small ripples cascaded forward from the impact. I whistled for Azula. Where was she? It's been six hours since she left, where is she? Most of the people who went away to find food usually came back within a time frame of five hours. If someone was gone longer then that it usually meant that they were dead. I threw another rock into the salt water and sighed. Azula couldn't be dead. Could she?

Azula was my twin. Actually she was about a year younger then me but she was my other half. I had always known her and had told her to stay here and that I was going to go find food and that she should stay here. But she insisted on going because she told me that she was quicker and could dodge the monsters of the Dead Sea and random puddles of quicksand. I remember yelling at her to stay but she wouldn't listen and ran off yelling that she would return and have tons of food. I stayed where I was, continuing to pray that she would be back. And be alive.

More hours passed and she still hadn't returned. The dawn's rays cut through the clouds and brightened my world. The light leaked into my eyes and made me squint. I heard the last words that my father had told Azula and they ring back into my mind. If i'm not back within five hours I probably am not still in the living world. Now remember that, five hours. If I am not back right when this clock's big hand touches the twelve for the fifth time, then run. Just run and keep running and don't look back! Don't go into the mist. Never go into the mist! I'm leaving now and just remember- five hours!

He never came back. And when the clock's big hand hit the twelve for the fifth time, I grabbed Azula and ran. Today was the fifth day of running. Fives were very unlucky numbers for me, they always had been. Where was my sister? I decided to go search for Azula.

I got up and saw the clouds cover the sun spreading darkness over the ground. I looked out over the vast sea, its turquoise waters seeping up over my feet. I sighed for the last time and began to walk. I walked what seemed like hours and then avoided a puddle of quicksand. I leaped over it and landed on land that was not about to suffocate me. I turned and something in the sand caught my eye. I glanced down to see a forearm extended out of the sand. A lilac sleeve crept up about half of the arm and on the arm's finger, was a gold ring. I could see a ruby embedded into the metal. I looked down at my own hand and saw the ring on my finger. The gold ring with a ruby embedded into it. That ring was the sign of the Curtoe family. My whole family wore them.

"Azula!" I cried. I leaped forward but something tangled around my ankle. I thrashed around to get it off my ankle but it wouldn't let go.

"How many times do I have to say it? How many people will never listen to me? Almost all of them. And now you little girl. Today I know is not a lucky day for you. For today is May fifth. The fifth day of the fifth month. And when it is 5:00 am. Tsk tsk. Won't be very good for you at all," I felt the hand release me and I turned to see a boy with fiery red hair that went down to his waist. He wore a black tunic with red trimming and black jeans. His head was tilted down so that I could not see his face.

He finally tilted his head up and I saw his eyes. They were a burning red. I scrambled to my feet and stared.

"And now I'm saving you," I began to run away from him. Toward the mist. "Wait! Little girl! Come back this way! You cannot go that way! Get back here right now!," I heard him sigh. "Tsk tsk. You are going to run into the Rafter, and he will eat your soul away," I continued to run until then I entered the mist. "Oh yes! That reminds me," he called. "It's 4:48!"

I leaned back onto a large salt crystal and closed my eyes. I opened them and saw three figures. The one in the middle had a dark cloak on and its head was tilted down with the hood curling over it. The cloak concealed the rest of the body. The two figures on the sides looked human with chains hooked to their limbs.

"Come with us," the two figures on the sides chanted. "we don't bite..." I shook my head furiously. The one in the middle raised its head, only revealing a smile with teeth that were sharp and came down in perfect angles. The figure lunged forward and attacked me, eating my soul away. The last thing I saw before everything ended was my father's watch. It read 5:00.