Chapter 1

Rolan sat quietly at the bar listening to the rabble of the inn, searching for anything interesting. As of yet he hadn't heard of anything too interesting, just the usual rumors really. Some merchant mentioned a dragon appearing again, another backed him up, and then a farmer disagreed and insisted that it was only a wyvern. Eventually they were quarrelling over it and the innkeeper had to get involved. Sighing he brought the mug to his lips and took a draught of the warm ale, the liquid soothing his parched throat. Bringing his mug down with a dull thud, he called for another.

"Hey, bartender, another ale!" Resting his chin on his hand as he waited for his drink, he soon found himself joined by the merchant that had been saying a dragon appeared.

"Evenin lad, quite fond of the drink we have round here aren't ya?"

"I suppose I am, what's it to you?" The barkeeper appearing in front of them momentarily, setting down Rolans' ale before tending to others.

"Not much really, but you seem like the type of man who would know how to navigate himself in the wilderness around these parts" said the merchant. Turning towards him, he finally got a good look at the man. He was small and round, obviously well off and accustomed to the comfort of city life. His face was much of the same, large cheekbones and high set eyes with a pronounced brow. His eyes being a deep green seemed to promise some sort of adventure.

"You see I have some interests north of here in the village of Rythsford, I haven't heard from any of them in several weeks. And as you seem like a reliable sort of man, I would be willing to pay quite handsomely if you were to see what is amiss." Producing a small pouch he set it on the counter, the jingle it produced promising a decent sum.

"I…. Would be willing I suppose. But I would also require supplies, for the way to Rythsford is not exactly a promised safe passage. If you are willing to do that, I believe I am your man." Following another draught of his ale, he wiped his mouth on the sleeve of his arm.

"Very well…. You better be worth your salt though. I do not like failed investments." Muttered the merchant. Pulling out several gold coins he tossed them in front of Rolan.

"That should do you just fine, because your not getting anything more out of me until the job is finished." Putting the bag of coins back into his jacket, he holds out his hand. "Forgive my rudeness, the names Lawrence."

"Rolan," he mutters. Ignoring the hand, he takes another draught from his mug.

"I'll be heading out tomorrow morning, you can expect me back within several days. I expect you to be here the 5th day from tomorrow if you want your news." Setting the mug down he steps away from the bar, sweeping the coins and the pouch off into his hands. Exiting the main bar, he goes up the stairs and takes the door on the first left shutting and locking it.

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