Kelli had decided that she was staying with Hanna for as long as this whole situation was existent. Her manager didn't give a damn if she made it to work that day. He had plenty of dancers, anyway. Hanna, no matter what her past brought to her didn't have the heart to turn the girl away into the freezing rain.

Hanna hadn't stopped reading Newspaper Taxis since she'd gotten it, which was becoming rather disconcerting. The young lawyer didn't sleep or eat for most of the day due to her aggravating intrigue in her old friend's crime. She gasped as she read it; the chapter where the murdering ensued, shocking and intense as she had ever believed possible.

Kelli groaned from her place, lying a little less than suggestively on her younger friend's living room floor. She closed her eyes, allowing the memory in for just a moment, trying to truly remember what led her so eagerly to kill the man she had fallen in love with, a man three years older than her by the name of Eli Althouse. She remembered it was pouring that day, a mere twenty six degrees outside in the world that had been painted by autumn.

She was shivering outside Eli's door, knocking desperately with a goofy grin playing at her soft lips as he finally answered the door. Kelli had been chasing him for six months. They were foolish, that was all they were, and all Eli was truly interested in being with her, but Kelli Castaldo was not one to give up so easily, oh no. Her short-crush- send- a- cheesy- note- and- then- never- speak- of- it- again relationships were far over.

Eli smiled, and oh, how his smile was the most heavenly thing she'd seen after his ass in those tiny black briefs, yes, that was definitely the first on the list. "What are you doing here? Didn't you say you had family coming to town later?" he chuckled as he let her in and watched as the blonde strutted immediately over to his bedroom, with a fond roll of his eyes.

"I was cold." She started in such a sickeningly innocent tone, removing her thin black, cut up gloves slowly and dropping them carelessly on the floor before nearly writhing on the bed, already messing up and twisting the boy's red sheets. "You know, I was just… thinking, and maybe I had hoped that we could find a more… creative way to get me hot?"

As the older man sat on the corner of the bed, he looked quite trapped in the moment, stealing glances down Kelli's lace covered figure. "I, uhm… I think you got the hot part down…" He trailed, extracting a smirk from the blonde girl as she leaned in and kissed him- maybe a little too heatedly.

Needless to say, more heat ensued. It was nothing unusual for the pair to say the least. ((That's all the smut you get, Kelli! No more damn it! I'll never live that one down.))

It was a while, a good half an hour before the pair, cuddled in a sleepy haze and dirty in the most perfect of ways, had spoken. Kelli was half asleep, and after humming in contentment and pleasure she purred a tiny 'I love you' against Eli's ear, who flinched and stopped dead- how ironic- at the words. "What's the matter, sweetie?" She cooed, rolling over, face nuzzled in the soft pillow.

"I thought we agreed not to say that, kel." He reminded, propping himself up on his elbows. Kelli shot him a glance that almost had seemed hurt, and he continued. "You're a great girl, beautiful; really, I'm just… not into you like that." Eli said. "You know I want children one day, start a family with someone really special-"

"And I want a family too; don't you think we'd be the most special ones out there?" She prodded, sitting up and folding her arms across her chest while raising a judging eyebrow.

The man bit back a chuckle at that, sighing as he knew he would regret this. "Listen, Kelli, do not sit there and pretend that you'd be a great mother." He ordered, keeping a serious face even as his friend with benefits stood up to pretend she would be a good mother. "You're… really gorgeous and everything, I'm just… not in love with the rest of you…" Eli trailed, "I swear, it's not you, it's-"

"Oh don't you dare give me that bullshit!" Kelli scolded as she stood up and stormed out of the room to the kitchen, where she pulled out a knife from the drawer. Her eyes filled with tears because god, this was the final time that she was fighting herself over this man.

He ran after her like any man would, stopping dead as he saw the knife. "I'm sorry." He said again, swallowing and turning suddenly pale. She shook her head, and he closed his eyes and then there was a low, terrified scream sounding around the small house in San Francisco.

In the end, Eli had sixty two holes in him; one for each reason that Kelli had fallen in love with him. She knew what the act was inspired by, and she knew she should've felt guilty, but she didn't, not for much longer than it should've taken.

Kelli opened her eyes. She propped herself up on her elbows and then stood up as she noticed Hanna standing with a terrified expression in front of her. She made sure to stand a little bit away from her old friend, as not to scare her.

"Did you do… did you…? Kelli, you aren't…" Hanna spoke, voice quivering and less musical than usual.

"A murderer?" Kelli finished the girl's thought, crossing her arms and clearing her throat. "I… I know it's hard to understand, b-but it all just happened so fast, and I killed him, and it's hurting me. I need your help, please." She begged with a pleading look in her eyes that would just look sickening to any other person.

Hanna gasped and clapped a hand over her mouth, falling against the wall and letting out a series of various choked sobs. She kept shaking her head, squeezing her eyes shut like it would all go away. "N-no, no, no, no, no, no. Kelli, you k-k-killed someone, I c-can't help that!" She sobbed.

"Yes you can." Kelli said simply as the young lawyer clutched her stomach as if she were dying. Hanna gave her a confused glance before looking back down at the floor in terrified sorrow.

After locking the door, Kelli stepped toward the young woman carefully. "You know how it felt when Allison left you, so eagerly, without any warning. She left you here to take care of yourself, and she didn't look back." That got Hanna's attention to say the least. "You can deny it all you want, but the thought crossed your mind, just maybe accidentally. You thought about hurting her for all the pain she caused you." She stepped away, looking deep into the innocent blue eyes of the young woman who now seemed just as vulnerable as the eleven year old Kelli had met so many years previous to this accident. "I didn't have a mental hold like that. And after he hurt me, he stuck around to do it again. And I am guilty for murder, but it wasn't my fault." The blonde girl concluded, as the lawyer stood up, still leaning against the wall for support. Just then, four weakly spoken words left her lips, eyes darkened.

"I'll take your case."


Erin had left in the morning that day to get to their team's main offices in New Jersey, just an hour away, while Savannah remained stuck in her shitty apartment at the desk in front of the dimming candle and an old typewriter. Her curly head had been cradled in her hands for quite a while now, trying to figure out what would inspire… this.

She heard a knock at the metal door and, under the impression that it was Erin back from New Jersey, opened it. There was a large box outside that almost smelled foul, yet she dragged it in anyway. Not many bad things came from neat, large cardboard packages.

She sat and took a deep breath before opening it carefully, and it took a moment to process before she really thought about what that thick red liquid was and why there was so much of it. A blood-curdling scream rang out hauntingly through the apartment and some nearby. Here, in the box, was the dissembled body of one Eli Althouse.

She kept screaming, locking the door securely and pinning against it as she shakily took the business card from her pocket, and punched the number into her phone, squeezing her tear-stained eyes shut and waiting desperately and less-than-patiently for Erin to pick up.

"Hello?" Erin sang on the other line.

"He's here." Savannah squeaked with a voice that was just barely there as she peaked at the bloody box out of the corner of an eye. "The boy, the dead one, his remains are here. They're in my apartment." She spoke, though the explanation was muffled by whimpers of terror as she watched the box.

Erin's eyes widened and she considered for a moment that her old friend had gone purely mental, but she knew that whoever the murderer of this boy was, she was crazier, and this situation was entirely believable, but god, how was this even happening?. "O-Okay, I'm going to need you to calm down."


Erin rolled her eyes. "HEY! Stop with the foul language, you, swearing at me will not help anything. Second, just try to be calm, alright? I'm gonna get my team of investigators down here to look at the body, we'll get you to my hotel, and everything will be fine." She promised, already heading to her car. Getting back from Jersey with her team would take a while. "By the way, your book is really very good."

Savannah hung up.

An hour later, as Savannah sat and cradled herself in the corner of her apartment, the corner furthest from the box, a knock once again sounded through the fragile, poorly conditioned apartment. She was already tired of hearing people knock. For all she cared now, they could just barge in and start singing opera if it meant they would be out of her curly hair faster. "It's open!" She yelled, and suddenly there were a bunch of men and women wearing scrubs and gloves and long white coats that scared her in the oddest way. She looked through the group for a while to catch Erin's eyes.

Erin came up to her with two girls, one on her right side, and one on her left. "Hey, sunshine," She greeted, making the older girl roll her eyes. Maybe, after all these years, Erin had finally gotten her sense of sarcasm down right. "I want you to meet my favorites." She giggled, showing off the girls on either side of her, who waved.

One had light red hair, a color that even the Weasley family would envy, and a bright disposition as well as this giggly aura that really confused Savannah as she was a crime scene investigator. "I'm Amelia." She introduced with a wave and a musical giggle, however frowning when she earned a raised eyebrow and a mockingly amused smirk from the girl on the other side of Erin.

"Must you always be so… jumpy, Amy?" The girl asked with a sigh. This one had slick, black hair. She was pale and just altogether looked gloomy except for her light green eyes that anyone could swear they saw her memory play out over. She waved as well. "My name is Valerie. Lovely to meet you; however I must say it's quite strange considering I wouldn't be working on this case if you didn't write Newspaper Taxis, but really you are lovely." She smiled, Amelia rolling her eyes and mumbling something about 'you never call me lovely', that made Erin grin.

Erin tugged Savannah over away from the team who were crowded around the box and poking at the body with various tools. She stole a glance to her two friends, and then looked back to Savannah, who was silent. "I think I got really emotional when I first met them." She confessed. "They reminded me so much of you and Allison in middle school, except more gay, more in love and less manic depressive. I guess I was in denial. Knowing that we truly wouldn't be just… around anymore."

Savannah nodded, trying to think back to middle school. She vaguely remembered just… walking away, anywhere, just disappearing alongside Allison Nelson, who it took a rather long time to get along with. She almost smiled, almost sadly, as she remembered the stupidest of fights that they would have. Almost as she remembered how stupid they were, how Allison said 'you'll forget me', and not once in their five years around each other had Savannah heard something less intelligent leave her lips.

She shook herself out of the memory with a groan, returning to the way the scientists and investigators dribbled blood around her apartment. She was not cleaning that up.

It was a while of silences with Erin and purely exhausting memory that threatened to make tears spill when Valerie and Amelia reported back to Erin and the rest of the team was now filing out of the apartment with the box. "It's a man. We're taking him to the lab to properly identify him. His body had sixty two puncture wounds in it from what looks like is a regular kitchen knife. We already have determined that the murderer is in his home, San Francisco, so after we determine who it is, we'll meet up with his parents to talk about suspects." Amelia explained with a nod, all in one breath.

"But, what about Savannah, she knows it better than all of us we can't just leave her here." Erin complained, glancing to the writer and folding her arms across her chest stubbornly.

"She can come too."