Chapter 5: Let it claim me

My eyes were fixed on her as she sat motionless in a wooden chair facing the cracked window with torn midnight blue drapes. The sun rays peeked through the glass, revealing only Amandine, a mirror and the corner of the bed with black sheets and a wooden bed frame. The guilt made my head feel light and fuzzy as my stomach did non-stop flips.

"Achille..." she whispered. I knew I had hurt her for not being with her and for ignoring her silent pleases.

"Forgive me for not being by your side...there was a distraction yesterday and I-"

"Save your breath, you pitiful man. I know very well why weren't with me. It is because of her." Amandine harshly said while putting emphasis on 'her'. "You have brought another woman here to replace me. Have you grown tired of me, my love? Have you decided to break your promise, Soul Keeper?"

"No, you have it all wrong my love! Bibi's just-"

"Do not ever utter that wretched name in my presence! How dare you imprison me and yet lust after...after...after some trash you dug up in this God forsaken land we call home! I thought you loved me! I thought you cherished me!"

"I do! You know I do! I love you Amandine! I love you!" I said while dropping to my knees.

"Do you really?" she laughed while standing up and looking back at me with her unchangeable doll face. "Do you really love me, Achille?" she whispered while motioning towards me.

"Always and forever, I love you with my body and soul. I love you with all that can offer and only wish I can offer you more. I love you in life, death, heaven and hell. I am yours... and you are mine." I said while staring up at her beauty with my tired eyes.

"If you love'll get rid of her. I don't care how or where. Just do it now." she said while squeezing my face with her plastic hands.

"But she has cleaned most of this place and has offered to help fix it up for us. She is only here to help and hide from some people who are trying to kill her."

"I don't care why she's here and what she has done! Get rid of her!" she growled.

"But Amandine..." I sighed.

"You..." she slapped my face and walked over to the bed and tore off a small part of the bed frame from the foot of the bed. "Don't you love me?" she screamed.

"I love you..." I muttered without looking at her. She walked towards me and began hitting me with the bed frame repeatedly.

"I can't hear you!" she yelled.

"I love you." I said while covering myself.


"I love you!"

"Say it again! Say it again!" she laughed hysterically.

"I love you! I love you! I love you Amandine!" I yelled.

"That's right. You love me... but you have brought pain upon your lover heart. Such a sin should not go unpunished...isn't that right my poor Achille?" she laughed as she dropped the object onto the floor. She was right. I'm a sinner who has not been punished properly... A man like me should have never existed. I got up from the floor with tears streaming down my cheeks and walked toward the mirror. I punched it and dug out the sharpest piece with my bared hands, having my fingers cut and bleeding.

"I have no right to bear this gift of which many have seek for throughout the ages of man! Let death claim this sinner and throw him to the worst parts of hell for his crimes! Let me be punished a million times worse than imaginable! I welcome the tragedy death holds for me and only wish for this immortal madness to end by any hand that kills! Lift this curse and let darkness claim me!" I laughed while stabbing and cutting myself in several places. With blood seeping out of my body, a jabbed myself in the chest and twisted the glass that was stained with my blood and continuously cutting my hands. I quickly pulled the glass out and aim for my eye. However, just when I was about to blind myself, I heard a banging against the door. I glanced over at Amandine who was siting in her chair like before I came in. I lowered the glass and slowly made my way to the loud door. I cracked opened the door and saw Bibi there with her real hand red from hitting the door so hard. I only had the door opened so much for me to see her face and for her to only hear my voice. "What?"

"Achi, are you ok? I heard-"

"You heard a mad man going mad. What did you expect?"


"Don't call me that." I hissed. BiBi bit her lips and reached for the door to push it open some more. "Don't come in here. In fact, I no longer desire you to live here anymore." I said while trying to sound threatening.

"But why?"

"Do I need a reason? You are no longer welcome here! Get out!" I yelled while slamming the door. I waited to hear her feet walk down the stairs and out the door. "She is gone now, Amandine. Just as you wished." I said while leaning against the door and sliding down it. I waited for her reply but all I could hear was the sound of the wind howling in this hell hole. Was she still upset with me? "I see... " I chuckled. I held the piece of glass tightly and cut my own throat, having blood splattered across the floor and my clothes. The unbearable pain drove me more deeper into the depths of insanity... I felt light headed and the agonizing pain had numb my body as I became unconscious. Unknown time had past and I found myself in bed down to my boxers with my body treated. I slowly made myself get up and out of bed with my body still aching. I cautiously pushed myself out of the door and saw Bibi redecorating my once cluttered and dirty kitchen. She had replaced my wallpaper with one of a painting that had a sunset with black trees and painted the ceiling with a sunset sky that barely had any stars and only showed a bit of the eclipsed moon. The black cabinets were on the floor lined up with the orange garbage can on its right and black counters squared together on its left with two red chairs on one side. Her taste is strange... perhaps this is what future homes look like. The odd black and grey stove that looked more like a arcade game sat on the other side of the kitchen next to a few more counters and a different shade of black least I think it's was fridge. It was a blocky looking tree with orange and yellow star magnets on what was suppose to be the leaves...It all looks so unnatural compared to the ones I'm use to. The tiles were space print so it could see stars and a few galaxies, and I saw Bibi putting groceries and spices away. "What the hell are you still doing here?" I groaned.

"You are a coward." she said while looking up at me.

"What did you say?" I growled walking down he stairs. But the pain in my sides kept me from moving too fast.

"Don't push yourself or your wounds will reopen and you will pass out again." she sighed.

"I'll be fine." I muttered. "But why are you still here?" I frowned.

"You are a coward." she repeated while crouching to put the last of the groceries away.

"You said that already and that does not answer my question." I crossed my arms and leaned against the wall while frowning at her. "And didn't I mention to you to never come upstairs?"

"You did mentioned it. But I ignored what you had said to heal you."

"It's not like I can die."

"But just because you can't die doesn't mean you can't feel pain and suffer."

"That's my life."

"That's not a life. That's just pitiful." she said while standing up. Neglecting the pain in my body, I leaped towards her and held both of her arms above her head against the wall.

"Do not anger me even more, child. I can easily kill you if I crave death upon my hands again. So don't tempt me..." I whispered in her ear.

"You won't have the chance to do so." she said trying to break from my grasp.

"You challenge me?" I said while tightening my grip and shoving her up the wall. "No one can-" I started but then felt a force pulling my body down. Did I push my body over its limit? I let go of Bibi and knelt down to my knees so I could catch my breath. My chest began to ache and I could hear my heart rate beating tremendously fast to the point where foam was coming out of my mouth. But then my heart was slowing down... beyond normal and soon... darkness overtook me again. I woke up on the floor with a pillow supporting my head in the kitchen and found Bibi replacing the cracked windows with dark color stained glass. Usually when I see stained glass I would see some type of religious figures in them... however, they were now filled with strange symbols. Swirls and horizontal lines... I was afraid to think humanity has forgotten religion... hopefully the case was that Bibi was just simply not religious or couldn't find any religious stained glass. "What the hell did you do to me?" I asked while gazing upon the windows.

"I told you I could stop any heart within a ten mile radius of me. Even an immortal heart like yours... " she said while looking over her shoulder. "But it came with a cost." she said raising her hand to show me her missing finger.

"...So it just fell off?"

"No! I cut it off. Every time I use my ability, one part of my body becomes black like a corpse and I have to cut it off. I have to cut the dead weight off or I won't be able to move on."

"You definitely work fast at fixing up homes." I said while ignoring her. Her pain is almost like Prometheus... Enduring it everyday only to relive it tomorrow. At least there was a way for her agony to cease. Or perhaps she's more like Sisyphus... someone sly who will end up being stuck in a situation for all eternity. No... I am Sisyphus, aren't I?

"With the right tools, it doesn't take that long to do this house." she said snapping me out of my daydream. "Since you haven't done any work around here, you can do the rest of the house. But first, go fetch me something that would replace my finger. You better hurry too. It's almost dark out." she smirked. Who the hell does she think she is?

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