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Chapter 9: The Rein City part 2

The sun was just peeking its glowing face from the horizon as we snuck through the darkness and opened a lid off the ground and dived in. Bibi cover her nose and mouth with one of her sleeves while carrying Amandine in the other arm. It was dark in the waste line and the smell was horrible. Though I can't say it's worse than breathing in the air of a room where a group of corpses rot. Bibi gave me back Amandine and pulled her prosthetic hand out to glow as a flashlight from her palm. Science has indeed advanced tremendously throughout the last fifty years... I wonder they invented jet packs.

"The smell isn't going to stick to our clothes is it?" I asked. Bibi looked back and nodded her head. Crap... It's bad enough someone mistaken me as a hobo... I don't want to smell like one too. I followed the small girl to a rusty latter and climbed it to the upper level in a back alley. "It smells worse around here than it does in the sewers." I groaned. "But at least we have light."

"Shh!" she hushed me while covering my mouth. "It's bad enough we're outlaws within this city. We don't need any bounty hunters following us and causing trouble." she whispered. Though we just walked through a disgusting sewer and we haven't bathed in days, she still smelt so good. If my hands weren't full, I would grab those tiny hands and kiss them gently. "Let me pull up a map." she said while using her right hand again to display a hologram map. "Let's see... ok we're here in the Cross-arms region and we need to go pass through Sanctuary Square and Lantern Alley to get to our destination, Stars River. But I'm going to need a disguise..." she whispered. "If I had one of those chameleon masks then..." she muttered to herself. I twitched and turned to my left and saw a guy in long grey coat with orange sunglasses and hair mix with different shades of blacks and grays.

"Hee hee... he's here." I smirked. Bibi glanced over to where my eyes rested and slowly slid her legs apart in defensive stance. "Have no fear, Bibi... Your love is here." I whispered trying my best to hold back my devious smirk.

"Are you two lost by any chance?" he asked with a rusty voice.

"No we're ju-" Bibi started.

"Yes, we're looking for a mask." I blinked.

"Achi! Don't!' she warned.

"Well... lucky for you, I'm a salesman and I believe I have what you're looking for." he smiled. "The Chameleon Mask... am I right? Top of the line for disguising yourself. Used for fooling your friends, hiding from someone, or using it for selfish or foolish acts where you don't want your identity to be revealed. Yes... This mask can change your hair color and style. To thick, curly, red hair to thin, straight, black hair. It can change your eye color and shape, your nose structure, give you freckles, dimples, scars, beauty marks, moles, mustaches, beards, thin or thick eyebrow, long or short eyelashes, alter your bone structure and change the color of your skin even. All you have to do is to put it on, and think of what you want to change. The mask attaches itself to the nerves in your head and uses information from you brain to do what the mask is told. Of course, you can take the mask off without any damages to the brain and your genetic normal appearance. But if you want a permanent look, you call the company and ask for the golden version of the mask." he said while taking a step forward.

"We'll take one chameleon mask." I smiled back.

"What are you doing?" she whispered to me while grabbing onto one of my arms. Oh how the pleasurable goosebumps ran up and down.

"Shh... shh shh shh...hold Amandine and the suitcase for me. I got this." I whispered back. I handed her my things and began walking to the strange man.

"Of course these aren't for free young man." he chuckled. Young he says... what an insult. "You have to give me something special in return. Money will do just fine."

"Of course..." I said as I stood in front of him. "But to make sure you're not lying, and not selling fake or glitching make, how about letting us test one of them out?" I asked.

"I see no harm in doing that." he said while reaching from inside his coat and handing me a mask. Considering I didn't want to risk Bibi's face or brain, I put the mask on and it transformed my face into looking like Abraham Lincoln. The man held a mirror in front of me in order for me to see myself. When I took the mask off, I tossed it to Bibi and noticed the guy frowning.

"It seems fine to me. What do you think of it my love?" I called out to her. When Bibi put the mask on, she made her adjustments and transformed herself into an entire different looking individual. Her face was no longer pale, she had small brown eyes with short eyelashes, on the edge of having bushy black eyebrows, chubby cheeks with freckles and red lips. She pulled her hood over her curly and short black hair and said:

"It's the real deal Achi and I'm not your love."

"So?" the man asked. "What are you going to give me in return?"

"We don't have any money."

"How am I not surprise... But you do have something very valuable, yes? Something you can give to me, right? What about that doll? Or whatever you got in your suitcase?"

"She's not for sale and neither are they." I frowned.

"Then perhaps a night with your lady friend should pay for the price." he drooled.

"Do not touch what's mine." I growled.

"(Sighs) I see... Then I have no choice but to collect your bodies and sell them."

"You weren't going to let us go even if we'd paid you handsomely." I breathed. Not that I want another one, I'm afraid he will have to join us... Say hello to another member of our family

"You saw right through me huh? That's fine." He chuckled while lowering his head. "It's not like you can escape from me!" he yelled while six giant spider legs ripped through his coat revealing a large second mouth with jagged teeth on his stomach. Using his spider legs, he stood over me laughing. "The cost is their blood!" He yelled as he charged for me.

"Achi!" Bibi yelled as she held her right arm up and aimed. However, all of his legs immediately bent and was broken by a force I created. Is this the strength of this generation? So pitiful... After all these years I was expecting to face someone who could at least withstand me for a couple of minutes. Then again, I actually wasn't expecting to face anyone for the rest of my life.

"I see... so that is your cost." I muttered while pushing a lock of my hair behind my ear.

"What...?" he wheezed with fluids coming from his openings. "What did... what did you do t-to me?"

"How did you..?" she said stunned at the scene before her. "Achi... what did you do?" she said while lowering her arm. I glanced back at her and then back at the man on the ground.

"Did you honestly believe you could fool us? A random salesman in the back of an alley in a bad neighborhood such as this? How stupid do you think we are? Or perhaps you didn't care how it played out, as long as you see someone worth your time you'll go for it. You're such an annoying creature." I glared while stomping my foot on his chest. "If you're going to attack someone, you should at least know your prey before you try to attack it. That's the first mistake you made. Before I even saw you, I heard the wails, moans and pleads from them."

"(Coughs) Them? Who are the ones that you speak of?" he glared at me.

I scratched behind my head and growled with annoyance. "Shut-up. I'm talking. When you were about to attack me, you said 'The cost is their blood'. This tells me many things... For one, you need to kill in order to survive. Drinking blood like a spider so you can live long like a human. Your ability is becoming a spider like creature and doing...well, spider like stuff. However, your life span is only as long as a spider. So what do you do? You drink other humans blood in order to live long. You disgust me..." I frowned.

"At first I didn't have a choice! They were going to kill me but I killed them instead so it was all in self defense!"

"But then you couldn't stop."

"I don't want to die... I don't want to die without being remembered! Dying before my life even starts... What kind of life is that?!" he asked with tears streaming down.

"A lucky one!" I said while pressing my foot down harder. "You have no idea... you have no right.." I started while clenching my teeth.

"Achi!" yelled Bibi. "Stop!" she said while taking a step closer. I paused... Stop? How can I? People like him... disgust me. He should suffer... I will gladly make him suffer. "Achi!" she yelled again. I removed my foot and slightly chuckled.

"You asked me who are the ones I was referring to?" I asked him.

"...yes..." he groaned in agony.

"They are the forgotten ones... They are what no one but the innocent or cursed can see."

"Achi, are you referring to-" Bibi said while taking another step closer.

"Souls." I shrugged. "Achielle Gauvain, the soul stealer at your service." I turned to face her and bowed.

"Soul stealer?" the man asked.

"Exactly. We welcome you to my nightmarish hell." I smiled while looking back at him. The man stared at me, gasped and dropped his head on the pavement with his eyes still on me.

"Achille..." Bibi whispered.

"My ability is to take human souls. They do not go to heaven nor do they enter hell. They are force to live in my mind or if I choose, in an object like Amandine and the Zombie Hearts. No one can hear them or see them but me... Considering I have disturbed the order of life and death, such as not letting them go to heaven or hell or letting them wander freely as grieving souls, I've been cursed as an immortal." I said while looking back at her shocked or frightful face. "You think of me as a monster don't you?" I chuckled.

"Everyone is a monster." she frowned while walking up to me. "Everyone gets scared and end up hurting one another... not realizing that they too are a monster. Not realizing that they are the same. However I am not afraid. Even to you, I am not afraid. I am a brave little monster who will change things."

"Bibi..." I said while reaching towards her. She didn't back away when I was so close, she didn't flench when I touched her and she didn't care that I was a horrible person."Bibi?"


"Let's hurry up and go to Stars River... that mask you're wearing is horrible." I frowned.

"Rude." she sighed. "Pick up your dolls and lets go."

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