This Is what Time Looks Like

It is an invisible entity.
Impossible to touch.
Yet it is plain to see.
Its effects are felt all too much.

An object of our creation,
We measure it in different ways.
From the moment of gestation,
We are taught to count the days.

There is always the tick tick ticking,
It's relentless in our ears.
There is always the drip drip dripping,
Falling grains of sand tick away the years.

Yet we need no clocks nor sundials,
To see what is happening everywhere.
Discard the clock, once in a while,
You'll need no more evidence that it's there.

For look at the leaves that contort and die,
Once vibrant and full of life.
Or the weathered face of a passer-by,
As he walks hand in hand with his wife.

See the children grow up so fast,
Soon taller than you'd ever hope to be.
From the fossils in rocks to the growing grass,
To the ebb and flow of the Atlantic sea.

Watch in the mirror as a young face changes,
Contaminated by wrinkles and hair that's white.
Think back to different times and ages,
Back when you didn't have to get up during the night.

It may be invisible, but it's plain to see,
It's effects are felt everywhere.
We cannot control it, you nor me,
So let's just look on in despair.

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