Special thanks to the Primp State for an awesome idea and help with Lillabeth's transformation into a well-developed character. *hug* your constructive criticism helped me "go behind the eyebrows" as my English teacher says.


Lillabeth's eyes opened slowly and she shut them again, feeling the intensified heat of the sun on her face. She pulled the covers up to her head, cringing as she felt the slight burning sensation on her exposed fingers. She heard someone walk into her room; probably her mother.

"Are you awake yet Lillabeth?" her mother's soft musical voice said beside the bed.

"Yes," Lillabeth said, her voice muffled underneath the blankets.

"I'll get the salve," her mother said, exiting the room.

Lilly didn't move out from underneath the covers, knowing that she would be met with the pain that came with being part vampire.

A few minutes later, she heard her mother walk in. She covered the window with thick blankets and only then did Lilly push her head out from behind the covers. She stood up and allowed her mother to spread the cold green slave over her skin. She felt the slight tingling as it covered her body, and Lilly would gladly take that compared to the searing pain of the sunlight.

When her mother finished, Lilly began to wipe the green stuff off of her skin, knowing that it had been properly absorbed into her pale skin. Lilly followed her mother outside, still feeling the intensified light from her acute senses. Lilly noticed the Elven people eyeing her skeptically as Lilly and her mother walked down the street towards the market.

Lilly suddenly felt subconscious about her long ears that -unlike most the elfish people- were almost bat-like in appearance, while the full-elven ears simply came to a delicate point.

Lilly kept her eyes trained on the ground, feeling as if she were a rotted vegetable in a fruit cart.