In desperation he tried to grasp each windowsill that he fell past.

The first was completely unsuccessful and almost snapped his fingers back at an awkward angle. The one that followed led to the flesh on his knee being painfully scraped away even through his pants. He cursed loudly and felt thick, black blood trail down his leg and over his calf. It dripped into his shoe.

Now he was dangerously close to the ground and wasn't slowing down. Andrew reached out toward one more ledge with both of his gloved hands and barely managed to catch it before he felt his body begin to swing too fast toward the concrete building. With no control over his momentum his torso slammed into the wall and he lost his hold. With a yelp he tumbled down several feet before he made contact with the ground. His legs buckled out from underneath him when he landed and his back was the next to hit, followed by his head snapping back at a painful angle.

Andrew gurgled softly and partially closed his eyes. He knew no one would find him in the state he was in; everyone was too busy with their simulations. And if he had a concussion and passed out here...

He clenched his hands into as much of a fist as he could manage and willed himself to stand back up.

Unfortunately it didn't work.

As he lay there, little black dots began floating around in the air before being replaced with a creeping darkness that began to close in at the edges of his field of vision.