Tension visibly rippled through Demon's muscles as his tail pressed into the concrete building behind him. There was no room to maneuver around the abnormal hound that blocked their path, its teeth bared as green saliva dripped from its maw. It snapped its massive jaws and even Nephranos looked nervous beside him, his wings twitching as he tried to find enough room to drag them both out of their dead end.

Demon opened his muzzle and planned on distracting the beast with a simple fireball. But Nephranos clamped one of his hands around his face and forced his mouth shut. Smoke and a bout of flame escaped from his skulls empty eye sockets as the spell quickly backfired.

"What are you doing?" he hissed when he finally let go.

"Excuse me for being worried that crap coming out of his mouth will catch fire and set me ablaze," he responded.

"Thanks a lot for worrying about me," Demon murmured in mock hurt.

"Says the one who is fireproof," he snorted.

The monster slowly closed in on them. Its wild eyes glowed the same color as its saliva as well as shone through broken fragments of its body. It was almost as though it had been forged from porcelain, something both Demon and Nephranos had put to the test numerous times in an attempt to get it off their backs.


Nephranos snapped his beak and made a strange chittering sound when it was close enough to ruffle his chest feathers and Demon's fur. It turned toward Nephranos with an impossible grin that rippled across its lips and tore the flesh of its cheeks. The expression almost seemed to cause its eyes to grow and push out of its skull, green veins clearly visible in the burgeoning flesh. It then turned to Demon and lifted a massive paw and smacked him across the face.

It then turned tail and ran in the opposite direction with Nephranos quickly following, his wings unfurled and allowing him to take to the sky.

Demon fell back onto his haunches, stunned. Then he yelled in aggravation as he chased after them. "I was it last time!"