Can I say goodnight I asked you

At 10:47 when really I was wondering

Will you let me in

(I'm tired of this game

And playing with shadows

And philosophizing on unforgiving)

Waiting for my nails to dry

I am immobile for the time being

I can't chase you right now

(I'm still waiting for you

To chase me through the rain

With flowers and wet shoes)

I won't say I love you today

Because those words are written

In sidewalk chalk before it last rained

(But I wouldn't mind if you said it

To me in a whisper lingering

Like morning dew)

I wonder if you'll hug me tomorrow

Or if I'll dream you tonight

Under warm blankets alone

(Those are the dreams that stick like

Caramelized sugar to the bottom of the pan

I can't clean them off)