Killing Me Inside

Everyone tells me that it's true. True that you like me.
They are very certain with themselves that you are into me.
There is no way you could, especially when you told my best friend you liked someone else. You also told her that you "hadn't" heard of this rumour going on around our year.
When your friend asked if you liked anyone, he meant me. You said to him that you wouldn't tell him. Why? Why won't you be straight with me?

I believe you don't like me, and that's okay.
But please. Stop staring at me all the time, and why have two of my friends told me that they've heard your mates talk about you liking me?
They would only do that if you did like me.
I really like you, and this confusion is aggravating.

This whole incident is killing me within itself, for I believe two different things.
The first being that you're telling the truth, you don't like me. And the second, you like me, but you spun right out when my friends started embarrassing you with those notes.
So of it's too much to ask, please set me straight with a yes or no answer.

After all,
I am only begging for the truth.

A/N: Yep, I'm a terrible writer, but this is the best I can do, so sorry.
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