they'll ask the question where a question is due
but to answer there is always a wrong.
there's no yes or no as they shall say its is true
and so your resolve will break in pieces strong.

as long as this is apart you see
nothing will make much sense.
and no matter how apparent it seems
the answer to any question still depends.

on how you feel.

they'll criticize you for all that they see
and say that its not an insult.
no matter how consistent you may be
that one mistake will change the result.

but soon it will not matter so soon
and yet the nagging at the back of your mind
in your mistakes it be so marooned
and successes to others will bind

on how you feel.

steady they say as you drive up ahead
the backseat filled with questioning and constant doubt.
with advice and guidance will fill your head
and soon along the road you'll forget what its about.

you'll swerve from the road when enough is enough
and a crash will soon come through.
those riding behind you will chuckle in bluff
but the journey will only be planned by you


on how you feel.

so say I for you so listen close
don't you dare close your eyes.
for everything that would mean to those
who ask for you to realize.

are closer than you think
and sooner than you wait.
while love can never be mistaken
you'll be stuck in this state.


your going to have to

on how you feel.