So what if I want to be someone else?

My life isn't worth the torture,

We must each walk through thorns,

Just to stay alive.

So what if I don't want to be me?

But I'm still stuck in these old rags.

I want to live my life;

The world is my oyster,

Restricting me

To the small shed of my village.

What if I don't want to wear these shoes?

Never been one for make-up

But I live my high heels, the pretty trinkets

How close I can hold them.

So what do you do when someone special

Wouldn't give you the time of day?

Show me how to not be me.

I can't break these bindings,

They suffocate and strange.

Twisting my insides out and

Spilling my mind like milk.

They say I've lost it, I'm crazy.

Maybe, maybe I am, but:

That is a part of me I renounce.

Cast of my skin and step into another,

Taller, thinner, blonder, happier, confident.

Stuff I want to be, but just isn't me.

How do I be me if I'm what I hate?