Why can't I be strong?

Why can't I fight?

Why can't I tough it out,

In the middle of the night?

Why don't I care?

Why do I break down?

I know God is there,

I feel like a let-down.

I want to feel alive,

To not miss a thing,

But I feel wimpy and lost,

I just want to be okay.

To party with my friends,

Like I've always wanted to do.

But I'm just too weak,

And I just want to know who,

Will help me to my feet,

And maybe help me find,

That I really could have,

The best weekend of my life.

A.N. Written because all of my closest friends are going to church camp next month, but I get anxiety attacks, and I'm just not good away from home.

Trying to decide whether or not to go, I don't want all of the stress, but I'd cry all weekend and be out of the loop for a month….

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