A Heart

There are many different fabrics
That make the human heart
Never just blood and muscle
But where-ever shall we start?

Are you strong with no regrets?
Your heart is stone or steel
But these are not as strong as you think
Cracks and dents you soon will feel

Are you fragile or delicate?
A glass heart is what you possess
It can be so easily shattered
With words you or others may confess

You are friendly and help others
Your heart is clearly gold
Keep up the good work and love
Or else your treasure will turn cold

A heart is your diary
Your heart is your steel safe
It holds so many secrets
Enemies will want to chafe

Your heart is not for trading
It can never be replaced
Never hand it out so carelessly
It is yours to embrace

Your heart is one of many
That grow on the family tree
When the branch breaks and fruit dies
Your spirit is set free

No matter what your heart is made of
Any material can break
It's up to you to keep it strong
Or your emotions are at stake

No heart can be as strong
Like the diamond heart of a Mother
The warmest heart, the strongest heart
How strong? One can only wonder