Loneliness is the worst feeling in the world,

You feel empty inside.

And when you go to your best friend she doesn't seem to care.

There's no one to talk to anymore,

My " friends " have disowned me,

Pushed me aside like an already read book.

No longer important,

Not of any interest anymore.

The only friends I have are my books, paper, pens,

and school work.

But school is the worst part of it all,

I've been singled out,

Labeled a liar and a freak.

All because I stood up for the wrong person.

I feel lonely all the time now.

There's no one around anymore.

No one to talk to

I cry myself to sleep.

I never use to do that,

not when I knew the guy I liked didn't like me,

Or when my illness overtook me,

paralyzing me with pain making me sick for two weeks.

Not even when I wanted to kill myself,

But now I cry myself to sleep because I'm lonely.

The empty feeling can't be extinguished

even when you busy yourself with a great book

that would normally help you get away from your chaotic life.

It's there and it haunts you forever never going away.