~ It is a lovely night, the sky is tinted in a million tiny diamonds that are strewn about endlessly, and in the midst of all that hung a red crescent moon.

Venice, more known as "The Ocean City" held a peaceful atmosphere, though in reality, Venice was not surrounded by an ocean but rather a lagoon, dams were built in order to keep the incoming water at bay. I look up to see the blood moon as they call it.

Blood moon, I share my last name with the lovely thing that hangs in the skies. Everything is quiet, even the gondola that I am riding to manage through the creeks and small waterways of venice don't make a single sound, not even the water, it's uncomfortable for me but I might as well savor the rare silence.

Soon enough, the silence shattered, I look around. I sensed something but where? It's too quiet and that isn't a very good thing right now, I know it, something is watching me, but who or what? The gondola I'm riding tipped slightly, but I kept my balance. The wind slipped through Venice's small streets and alleys, it's insanely quiet until I saw my playmate. A young man, not much older than myself, clearly the man had just been weaned on the taste of blood, he wore a black suit, his shoulder-length hair was neatly tied up. The man looked quite sophisticated, he might be a noble even, save for his hungry red eyes.

Vampire, If he wasn't thirsty it would be so easy, but this one seemed to be looking for a nice meal and certainly, I won't let myself become dinner.

"What are you doing here Lady?" The man asked, a smirk formed on his face.

"Enjoying the night sir? And you? Certainly you haven't been thinking of making a meal out of me have you?" I answer then throw a question, I know the face of a thirsty vampire, I know it all too well.

"I've heard of you, the noble from Rome.. Ehhh... What did they call you? Bloodmoon wasn't it?"

Orianna Bloodmoon.

Of course? Who wouldn't know about my name? The young girl whose clan got killed by a clan of pureblood vampires, only one girl managed to survive even after the painful transformation by those vampires. I thought I'd go insane when they turned me, when they fed me their blood. They said I was special to have survived, every try that they attempted failed, the vampires they made went insane, crazy and bloodthirsty. Fortunately, I had survived and still remained sane. I can never forget that night. I can never forget what they said, that one day the purebloods would come looking for me again.

"How flattering, I'm well-known." I smiled at the vampire, but honestly, my mind is going crazy, how does this guy know who I am?

"The purebloods want you Bloodmoon, you've got a prize on your head. I'm just saying, vampire to vampire. Better find a nice crack to crawl into, coz once they find out you're here in Venice, vampires and gonna start tracking you down." The vampire said before he leapt into the tiny houses of Venice.

It's too soon, it's only been what? A decade or so since the murder of my clan, I've stopped aging since then and have retained the stature of a 17-year old girl. I was only 17 years old when they turned me, I was pretty and well-liked by the men of high society, every other day a suitor would come up at my house asking for a night wiith me or at times my hand in marriage. I refused them all of course, my parents we're not very happy about my refusals but I had the right to find the person I love. I was the eldest of my siblings, I was already a pawn for marriage but everything shattered when my family died. When everyone died.

I couldn't stay in Rome, I ran off. I went around the world, I worked for high-ranking people, I took jobs that held my interest and soon enough I had enough money to rival the treasury of the Vatican. But now what? Is money enough to get me to a safe place? Will it get me a safe haven from the purebloods? Where in the world will I hide when almost every vampire is loyal to them? Of course, I am not loyal to them because they killed my entire clan, leaving one girl alive, better yet, immortal.

I need to hide, but where?

Go back to Rome? No way, that's the first place they'd look, but knowing those vampires, they think I'm already running around the world and hiding from them. But if they do find me, my power won't be close to enough if I decide to annoy them and fight. I need protection.. But... Wait, protection? The Vatican headquarters. Religious as they sound, they're quite merciless. I can go to them, news says that they're also looking for me for reasons that I also don't know. Walking into the Vatican will be as easy as hell. Saying my name would be more than enough for them to take them in.

I'm getting a plane ticket to Rome. The flight lasts for an hour and lands in Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport.

I take out my phone and press a number, it rings for a while until someone picks up.

"Hey Cass! Can you do me a favor?" Cassandra, a stewardess with a gift for hacking into planes and anything electrical. She's my best friend when it comes to travelling.

"Nina! What is it this time? A trip to Japan? Maybe to Paris?" She teases me, her voice as sweet as ever.

"I need a plane ticket, a jet maybe, to Rome." I say to her.

"And you have..." Cass stops for a minute to hack a computer and after that "A first-class seat to Rome! Your flight will be 30 minutes." I now have my flight to Rome. I end the call, thank god for people like Cassandra or else I'd have to pay for every flight I go on.

How odd though that she still calls me Nina, I used to go under that name until I decided to tell her my REAL name. she must have been quite used to it because no matter what I tell her she won't give up on calling me Nina. Oh well, I make my way to the airport, just running is enough, as a vampire my body is much more enhanced than before and in just 3 minutes, I arrive at the terminal of the airport.

The guard immediately lets me board the plane. The guy already knows me from all my previous travels so he doesn't question my presence even when I don't have a ticket or a passport to show.

"Traveling again my lady?" The guard flashes a smile at me then lets me through.

"Yes, to Rome. You're used to my presence already, pftt.. Anyway, thanks." I giggle.

Cass has outdone herself yet again, another first-class seat going to Rome. I take any seat available as people can rarely afford first class these days but after sitting down, a young man wearing a pure white suit with beautiful blond hair that matches his Amber irises stands by my side and I remove my earphones. Out of all the damn seats I could've taken, don't tell me this one is already reserved.

"Excuse me, but the seat beside yours is mine." The man tells me politely.

"Oh, thank God, I thought the one I was sitting on was yours." I let out a sigh of relief.

"If you would just stand up Miss so I can sit down, then we can get acquainted properly."

Get acquainted?

Score. On top of being extremely attractive, he's polite as well. I get up for a while and he sits down. I return to my position and the young man looks out the window before turning to me, the phrase "looks can kill" is an understatement, this man's looks can kill you and send you straight to heaven. His smile is so soft, and those eyes.. Maybe more gentle than any angel. My cheeks go red all of a sudden, what is wrong with me? It's just a guy, I mean, I've flirted with more than a hundred guys due to my eternal youth and immortality.

"What's your name Miss?" He asks me politely.

"Orianna.. Bloodmoon." I reply, dammit, I just said my real name. I should've used one of my aliases but it's too late for that.

"Charmed, Orianna Bloodmoon. My name is Gian Galeazzo Sforza." Gian introduces himself.

So much for being undercover and getting to Rome unidentified.

How unlike me to trust a man, who I just met and unknowingly trusted with my real name, it's that or Gian just made a first good impression that I can trust him so freely already or I am oddly attracted to this person. I'm never really like this towards Men, I see them as my playthings, anyway, being with this person called Gian is a one shot. Once I get off this plane I'm going to the Vatican headquarters and get myself some high-class protection.

"What will the Lovely Lady Orianna do in Rome? To find a lover maybe? Or to lavish in its culture?" Gian asks me. A lover? No, I love my freedom. To lavish in its culture? I would love to tell him I grew up in Rome.

"I grew up in Rome, I'm going home after traveling the world. To be somewhere familiar. Home." I answer, my tone becomes dreamy upon mentioning Rome again, my home.

"I see, I do hope to see you sometime there, for dinner maybe?"

Smart. He works fast, but no. No. No. And for the last time, NO. I have a more important agenda on my hands but then, my reason is too little. Obviously, by just answering his question about why I'm going to Rome, it's already clear that I have an open schedule. Ugh, think before you speak Orianna, how will I get myself out of this situation now? Maybe I can just brush him off or something. But he's so attractive! Though I have met more attractive men than him who didn't make an impression, this one has made a very permanent impression on me.

"I'm sorry, I have things to do once I get to Rome. Maybe some other time?" I apologize, my heart pounding fast that he hopefully buys my reason.

"Then let me do something.." Gian takes my phone which was sitting on my lap and after a few seconds he gives it back to me. He placed his number on my phone, that's a first time for me.

"Is this your number?" I'm tempted to press delete.

"Yes, call me or text me if you have an open night, let's go out for dinner okay?" Gian smiles at me, hopeful that I'll actually call him.

I would love to give him my number but NO. If those pureblood vampires are after me then anyone related or connected to me is more than screwed, they may be in a nice long list of who to kill just to get me. I can't risk anyone, I won't let my friends die just like how my family did. I won't go through the pain of having people close to me die, what more watch as their very life fades away. I should stay quiet now but I want to talk to Gian, ask him questions. Just as I was about to start a conversation the plane begins to move.

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