Chapter Two~

~ The plane begins to move, we're beginning our trip to Rome which takes at least an hour or less, Gian is looking out the window as we see the fluffy blue clouds. This will most probably be my longest one hour trip. Most of my attention is concentrated on Gian's face, remembering his features that it's like I'm taking a thousand pictures of him using just my eyes. He doesn't make any conversations and just looks out the window, fascinated by the blue clouds that pass by.

It's odd on how I am completely curious about the man beside me, I have met many men that barely pierced my curious nature due to how dull their personalities are yet this one, this man called Gian makes so curious that I might be willing to give him some of my time which I have never done before. His eyes make me wonder, an Amber color that I have never seen before in my life, they're so bright and... How to say? Vibrant. Lively. I wonder how old he is? Maybe much younger than I am, I would be quite surprised if he were older than me because Gian looks quite young that I can't determine his age at all.

"How long will you stare at me Orianna?" Gian asks me, his eyes don't leave the clouds.

"I... Uhh, I'm sorry... I mean, your eyes make me wonder, I haven't seen such a color before. They're so... Vibrant." I tell him, my cheeks slowly growing red.

"What do you want to talk about then? Tell me about Rome, you grew up there didn't you?"

Yes, I grew up in Rome. My entire human life was spent there, 17 years of my life, the best memories I have were made there. I was adored, I had a lot of suitors and my family loved me dearly, I was a good sister to my younger siblings and cousins. I was a brilliant student in school until I graduated. I was the daughter any parent would want and desire for their own. Despite all the praises I received, soon enough my friends became my enemies. They grew jealous of me, how stunningly pretty I was, how I glowed under the sun like the rarest jewel even when clad in the simplest of clothes and especially on how every eligible bachelor in Rome wanted me for their wife.

"I.. I spent most of my years in Rome, until I was 17 years old. I come from a wealthy and noble family. I was well-liked by society. I was quite the jewel that everyone wanted." I murmured, the memories of the life I once had came back to me. It's a bit painful to talk about it, no, It's cruelly painful.

"I see, then it's an honor to be in your presence. But why are you so sad? Are you not happy to be going back to Rome?"

"I'm happy, but even if I do go back, I have no family. They were murdered, every one of them, leaving me as the only survivor."

"I'm sorry to have asked. I didn't know. I..." Gian never finished his sentence and instead he looked at me, his eyes seemed to gaze deep into my soul.

The conversation ended.

Gian looked away from me, he didn't seem to feel bad about himself due to the sadness I had to remember in order to answer him. It doesn't matter now does it? They're all dead already, it's already done and there's nothing I can do about it. The only thing I can do is continue living and take my revenge on those purebloods. My eyes shut themselves and I fell into a short nap, a dreamless one. The moment I get to Rome I will make my way to the Sistine Chapel, maybe some of the nuns can help me go to Vatican City and meet the Pope, well, getting into Vatican City is quite easy but meeting the Pope is very hard. I need permission and all to actually just catch a glimpse of him.

Soon enough I felt someone gently shake me, I didn't want to wake up but then I realized.. I'm on a plane, and I think I'm in Rome already.

My eyes opened right away, Gian is looking at me with a smile, the plane doesn't seem to be moving so it must mean that we've landed.

"We've landed already Lady Orianna." Gian informs me between my yawns.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I must've fallen asleep."

"Well, I must take my leave. It was a pleasure meeting you, I do hope you contact me if you're free." Gian helps me up then bids goodbye.

I do hope I can contact him.

We've landed in Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport. I get off the plane and see a lot of foreigners on vacation walking out of the airport or collecting their baggage. I guess most of the people here are couples or newlyweds. Rome is a brilliant place to have a honeymoon or a vacation. The atmosphere is lovely and romantic, the food is just delicious and well, everything is perfect for newlyweds. Most people go to the Trevi fountain, a wishing well and a fine work of art, it is adorned in angelic statues of marble and I personally love it for the intricately designed wings and folds of their clothes, or I just loved throwing coins everday and making wishes, hoping at least one of them come true some day.

I walk out into the Trevi district, it's already 2AM yet the streets are still filled with people and couples. Couples, it makes me a bit jealous that there are so many ladies looking lovely with their partners, walking around blissfully in love with each other, an entire lifetime together, something that I was robbed of. If I were to fall in love with someone, he will only have one lifetime which is quite short for a vampire like me, a lifetime will only feel like a year due to me having an eternity.

An eternity.

Rather than thinking about eternities and my cursed lovelife I should find a hotel and check in. I see the nearest hotel by the Trevi Fountain, Hotel Delle Nazioni. I enter the lovely looking hotel and go to the front desk.

"Good Morning, are there still rooms available?" I ask the receptionist, her black hair was tied up neatly in a bun and her blue uniform crisp and well ironed.

"There is one room, though it is a double room which costs 251 euros."

"Is there any other room? It's just me anyway, I mean.."

"We'll take it."

A familiar voice answers, a voice that I just heard a few hours ago.

I look to my right and there he is. Blond hair, Amber eyes and a stunning charm that rendered the receptionist mute and still. Gian. What a freaking coincidence. Seriously, is it just me or am I being stalked? Well, It can't be helped anymore, there's only one room left and it's for two people so why not? But being with a guy that I just met is a bit uncomfortable not to mention that I am oddly attracted to him.

I let out a sigh and bring out my wallet, but before I could even take out one of my credit cards, Gian was was already making an advanced pay for at least 1 week.

"It's on me. I look forward to our time together lady Orianna." Gian gives me a playful smile.

"Well, since we're gonna be together, why don't you go with me tomorrow? To the Sistine Chapel?"

"Alright then, but right now, I'd love some sleep. Shall we go to our room?"

The receptionist hands me a card to open the door, we take the elevator and on the third floor we get off and go to room 304. I swipe the card and when I open the door, my cheeks flare red in embarassment and Gian just laughed. When I thought of a room for two people or double I was thinking of Two beds; Two people. But then, I don't think I was having the right image because I see a nice room with a kitchen and bathroom and a bed. One really large bed, FOR TWO PEOPLE.

"T-This is.. Why is this.. I can't just.." I stammered.

"it can't be helped. We should go to bed. Come on, or will you still get washed up?"

"I..I would like to freshen up first, you go ahead."

I made my way to the bathroom, I only have one set of clothes in my bag but I'll buy or get more tomorrow. I carefully removed my clothes and let them slither down on the marble floor before I stepped into the shower, I twisted the knob and extremely warm water came rushing down on me, ahhh.. How relaxing, except for the fact that I am going to sleep with a man I just met a few hours ago. He's attractive anyway so why not but still.. Oh well, if Gian does anything stupid I'll just snap his neck and dump the body somewhere.

I stop lavishing in the shower, wrap a towel around myself and get out to see Gian on the bed, sleeping peacefully. His shirt is open and I can't help but stare at his body, pale skin and all. Gian looks so defenseless, I go over to the bed and get a better look at his face.

Innocent, defenseless, attractive and just... Delicious.

Oddly delicious, the only thing I can hear is Gian's heartbeat, an indication that he is alive, his blood runs, and a certification that he would make a nice midnight snack.

He's asleep, it wouldn't hurt him so much. One taste, one bite, that's all it damn takes! I haven't had fresh blood in years, I always take those from the hospital. Frozen and just plain tasteless, I want fresh blood. I thirst for it. I let myself get closer to Gian, I can feel his breath on my neck.

"Orianna? what's wrong?" I see Gian's Amber eyes flutter open and I had no time to get away.

"I.. I'm sorry. I was just.. I.." Thirst is replaced by embarassment. Crap.

"Go to sleep, we'll only be getting a few hours of rest before the sun comes up." Gian tells me before he closes his eyes once more, oblivious to what could have happened.

I laid down beside him, why the hell did I do that?

What the hell just happened? How could I have let my bloodlust consume me just because I saw a perfectly defenseless and delicious man? I have never felt like this towards others, just him. I should go to sleep and forget it, but even so, the feeling of thirst is still there. The night quickly falls and the sun soon rises, the hours felt like minutes due to my deep thinking. I didn't get a wink of sleep and Gian soon wakes up as well. I'm a vampire, but I still need sleep, oh well. I should just face the day and sleep later.. If I can, If Gian doesn't tempt me and I don't try to draing him dry.


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