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He chose me.

He could have all the girls in school – God knows he could – but he chose me: Anais Blake a used-to-be cheerleader who has a loud mouth and is probably not as experienced at sex as he is. But despite my being a pain in the ass most of the time, I still can't believe that Seth would give up his manwhoring ways to be with me.

Well, not really to be with me, as in be my boyfriend, but at least he won't be sleeping with another girl anytime soon. Not until I get enough of him.

I was still probably gaping at him because he suddenly tugged my arm and I fell back into my seat. Mason, being the kind soul that he is, immediately glared daggers at Seth and asked me if I was all right.

I nodded, "Yeah, yeah."

Mason looked at Seth's tight grip on my arm and sighed before turning to watch the game again. I knew Mason knew something was up with the way Seth and I have been whispering. And truth be told, I may have ignored him for most of the night. At first because I was still thinking about who to choose but then being near Seth just sent my hormones into overdrive. And maybe my heart, too, but I refuse to acknowledge that.

Seth was leaning into me, his arm trying to snake its way around my waist, when I stopped him.

"I'm here with Mason," I hissed.

He just shrugged, "You might have come here with him, but you're going home with me." He winked.

If my heart didn't melt a little at that statement, I would've punched him for being so arrogant.

"Of course not, I'm gonna finish this date." I stood my ground. I just think it's not fair to Mason if I just leave him high and dry. A part of me wants him to understand that a bigger part of me wants Seth – baggage and all.

Seth looked shocked, "are you serious?"

"What do you want me to do, leave him here?"

He rolled his eyes, "why not?"

I scrunched up my nose at him, "that's not how I do things, Seth."

Frown lines were starting to show in between his brows – a sign that Bad Seth was about to come out for a visit, "you made me choose you and then you're making me wait?"

"Oh please, it's not like I'm gonna sleep with him or something." I rolled my eyes. One minute he was sleeping with Amanda, and the next, he's being this possessive human being I am not really familiar with.

When the bell signaling the end of the game finally rang, I stood up and grabbed Mason by the arm, leaving Seth on his seat, sitting and sulking.

Better to end this now than make Mason wait a little longer.

Mason and I were walking the hallways of my high school on our way to the car park. We weren't talking but he kept on looking at me like I was going to combust any minute now. I, on the other hand, had nothing to say to him yet, so I just kept on walking. I needed time to organize my thoughts.

"So, you know I can hear you and Seth talking right?" Mason may have reached the end of his patience-o-meter.

He stopped me in the middle of the hallway and looked me straight in the eye, "I'm not deaf, Ana. It may have been loud in the gym but you were mere centimeters away from me."

I looked down because I was ashamed, "I'm sorry," because that's all I can manage to say.

I was expecting him to punch the wall or punch me but instead he was calm, "I knew this would happen."

I looked back up at him, "what do you mean?"

"You." He bit out, "when I saw you and then the way Seth acted at the party, I knew this would happen."

"I really don't get what you're saying Mason." I was telling the truth. I didn't need Mason to start talking about confusing things right now when I, myself, have a lot of questions to ask Seth and him. And maybe even Tanner and Cassee.

We were now walking again, "Ana, I saw the way you looked at Seth during Tanner and Cassee's party. You like him, I got that, I just thought that I could make you like me, too."

I said nothing because I honestly didn't know how to respond to that.

"But considering our track record, I should have known," Mason continued.

"What track record?" I finally asked, my curiosity getting the best of me.

We were now in front of my car and he leaned against the hood of it, "let's just say that the girls I like, like Seth more."

Oh. So, there's always been a competition against them. I get that now, "but why does he hate you so much? Aren't you supposed to be the one hating him?"

Mason shrugged and looked up at the clear night sky, "I did something to him a long time ago. He still hasn't forgiven me about that."

"What did you do?"

He looked at me and grinned, "that, my girl, is something I can't tell you."

I frowned, what is this big secret everybody is hiding from me? I'm not dense. I know they know something I do not – and that's understandable because I'm the new girl, but why can't someone just let me in on this secret thing?

"Why can't you just tell me?" I asked Mason, my voice sounding frustrated.

"Because you should know Seth's story first."

Yeah, right. As if Seth would open up to me. The only opening that happens between us is my legs parting to welcome him. Argh.

I wanted to know what was up but I don't know if Seth would tell me.

I'm pretty sure he wouldn't.

I need Mason to tell me instead. Obviously, Mason and Seth fought over something – or someone – and then?

Why is Seth so mad at Mason?



And who is that girl they fought over, if ever?



But no, if that girl chose Seth, I should know her. Amanda, maybe?

"Did you fight over Amanda?"

Ryan laughed, "Oh, God, no. I wouldn't touch that girl with a ten-foot pole."


Then who?

The front door of the gym opened and I saw Cody, Rita, and Ryan walk out. They were talking to each other when Ryan caught my eye. He waved at me and I smiled back.



Seth got mad at Ryan at that burger place when he mentioned his end game. Seth was so mad. Just like how Seth gets mad when Mason is around.

Maybe that's the girl?

Ugh, what was her name?

Katy? Karlie? Kar... Ka... Carol? Caroline!

Yes. Caroline.

Caroline White.

Ha! Good job, Ana!

"Did you guys fight over Caroline White?" I asked, making sure to watch out for Mason's reaction.

Mason tensed for a few seconds before he sighed and closed his eyes, "no. Not Caroline. Caroline and Ryan were in love. Ryan still is, I think."


"What happened to Caroline? Why isn't she here?"

"Her family moved away."

That's sad, "why?"

Mason shrugged, "her Dad got a new job some place else."

Oh. "Will you ever tell me who the girl is?"

Mason stuck his tongue out, "who told you we fought over a girl?"

Argh, "You are so frustrating, Mason Williams!"

"Ask Seth, he'll tell you when he's ready."

I doubt it.

Mason stood up from the hood of my car and gave me a big bear hug, "I wish you chose me, Anais Blake."

I buried my head on his chest, "I'm sorry."

He chuckled, "It's all right."

Mason released me from his hug, "friends?"

I grinned, "friends."


Seth was already half-asleep when I entered his room. After that talk with Mason, I decided to go over the Andersen's to get the truth from him. I hate secrets. That may be because I am like an open book, everyone knows me... everyone knows what happened to me, but to have 3 or 4 people keep something from me? That makes me really uncomfortable.

Cassee once told me that it's not her story to tell, now Mason just told me that I should ask Seth. Whew.

Sigrid opened the door when I knocked and she didn't even seem surprised. She just hugged me and left me to go up to Seth's bedroom.

When I entered, his eyes were already closed. I figured it was late and he may be tired from all that wobbling but then he opened them and looked at me, "did you need anything, Ana?"

I watched him pull himself up into a sitting position, "I see you changed your sheets," was the only thing I could say.


That made me wonder if things got messy with Amanda after I left.

"No," Seth remarked.

I gave him a puzzled look and he just grinned, "I can read your thoughts through your eyes. You have very expressive eyes, Ana. And no, I did not have sex with Amanda that day."

Glad to know.

But then I didn't come here for that.

I came here because I wanted to know the truth.

"Did you and Mason fight over Caroline White?" I asked because I couldn't think of anyone else. And even if they didn't, I had a feeling that this Caroline girl was somewhat involved in this. Why would Seth react that way when Ryan mentioned her? Or maybe Seth and Ryan fought over her, hmm?

Seth didn't even flinch, "Caroline was Ryan's girlfriend."

So, they pretty much gave the same explanation. Eh.

"Then why were you so mad when Ryan mentioned her when we were at that burger place?"

Seth shrugged, "I don't know. I just... I haven't heard her name in a long time."

I scoffed, "So you react that way every time you hear someone's name after a long time? I doubt that."

Seth ran a hand through his hair, "what do you want me to say?!"

"I just want to know why you hate Mason so much!"

I walked over to Seth and sat on the edge of his bed, facing him, "I chose you, Seth. And you chose me. Clearly we're both attracted to each other to commit in this whatever this is... but I have to know the truth."

Seth sighed, "there's nothing to tell."

"everyone's been telling me to ask you. Cassee, Mason, even Tanner told me to ask you. YOU. They couldv'e just easily told me what's happening but no. They respect you, they want me to ask you... because clearly, you are a big part of all of this shit."

Seth's nose flared, a sign that his anger was fast building, "let's not talk about it right now."

"When are we gonna talk about it, Seth? A day after never?"

"Yeah, sure." He said exasperatedly.

"I just want to know."

Seth sighed once again, his patience starting to run out, "and you will know, okay? Just... not now."

"WHEN?!" I couldn't stop myself from yelling.

"When I'm ready, okay?! I will tell you!"

"Are you sure about that?"

"Of course I am!" He yelled back, chest rising and falling heavily, "I was lying here thinking of ways to ask you out on a date. Like a proper date... and then you barge into my room and you totally ruin everything, Ana!"

Somehow, amidst all the tension and the yelling, my heart stopped, "you were going to ask me on a date?"

Seth smiled a little, "Yeah. I was about to call you... to ask if you wanted to go out with me when you entered looking like the hulk."

I smiled at him and moved a little closer to his torso. He was starting to calm down now that I stopped yelling and, honestly, I am a little touched at the thought of him thinking of the different ways he could ask me out. How cute is that?

"Yes." I said, my nerves tingling.

He cocked an eyebrow, "what?"

"Whatever and however you ask me, I will go on a date with you."

Seth smiled his award-winning smile and pulled me into an embrace. His lips touched mine once, twice, thrice before he settled and kissed me properly. It was soft and careful, like he was cautious – like it was his first time kissing me.

Then he broke the kiss and pushed me a little, his forehead touching mine, "will you go out with me, Anais Blake?"

And I just nodded because really, what else was there to do?

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