Summary: Alexz Mann is in the final year of high school life, and has never dated anyone. He's just slept with every female student, who hasn't turned him down. He has Glee championships that his coach/director won't let him forget about, and one day while, headed to the library exam rooms, he sees the new girl. Suddenly he wants to know everything about her, aside her bookworm-ness. He has his best friend, Jessie find out things about her. If he finds out, will she be able to be more than just a one night stand, or will Alexz find that there just might be something else entirely?

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I head to the music room with my guitar. That's when I noticed her, the new girl. For the past three years, I have walked these hallways, and there are never any new faces, besides freshman. I knew that right off she wasn't a freshman.

I just shrug it off, head inside, and sit beside my best friend, Jessie, as Mr. Briggs calls our class into session. Jessie sat there with her messenger bag under her chair. Her hazel eyes really match her dyed maroon hair today.
"As you know, we have three weeks to get ready. The money we make from this will help us get to the finals in D.C.," he reminded us for the millionth time.
"What's the point to a stupid music competition in the Nation's capitol?" I whispered to Jessie. I mean, yeah, it was great that we could do this, but our music director had always seemed to forget that we had to do take the first steps in the state.
"Oh come on. You know you want to get out of here, in eight months when you graduate. Besides, you get a chance to see music schools, you could apply for in the spring," Jess told me. I just smile back quickly and then look down at her Van Doren Slip-Ons. Sadly, I knew she was right.
"We're starting off with a new song today. We'll get threw it today, and do rehearsals for it tomorrow," announces Mr. Briggs, as he hands out sheet music, that he printed off that morning. "We won't be adding band to this until tomorrow," he adds, as he looks straight at me. I look at the sheet and am amazed at what I see.
The class begins to sing the words, at times, like these, I was glad that I was able to do both. Be in the band, and in the glee club, though, I wasn't sure if I would be able to both in DC, if we made it there. After a couple of runs, the bell rings announcing it was time to head to our lockers and get to our next class.
"Hey, I'll see you, after Physics," she told me as she shut her locker, and headed to the science building. I watched as he left. I throw the music sheet still that I'm still holding in my hand into my locker. I didn't need it, I knew the chords and lyrics by heart, at free period, and I would head to an exam room and play it.
My auburn Kurt Cobain styled hair had fallen in my hair. Oh fuck it, I'll ditch today, and since glee club wouldn't need me to sing AC/DC today, I'd skip. I hadn't skipped for a while; I head to the exam rooms that were available in the library. That's when I saw her again. Her tan colored hair fell behind her eyes, and she leaned over a book. I walked by her and didn't even bother to look up. Once inside, I pull out my guitar and play. In the distance an hour and a half later, I can here the bell announcing another break in the day.

"I don't get why he chose AC/DC. I mean, couldn't we have done Adele, or something else even Nirvana?" I ask in my annoyed voice, as I push aside my hair, which had been falling in my face. As long as we were friends, Jessie, was way beyond used to me complaining about everything. Well mostly, everything, and it was seldom, I complained about music.
"Well maybe Mr. Briggs wanted to change it up," she suggested. "Besides, you'll be in the band anyways, so what does it matter?" she adds. She did have a point.
"Ok so maybe I will, but I don't see why or AC/DC would fit into a glee competition, and get us anywhere," I cry back to her. "A top that, we have the Christmas concert coming up," I announce back.
"No, correction, you have the Christmas concert coming up. Glee club doesn't do anything with Jazz," she declared back. "You know that the school doesn't consider them the same for some reason," she added as she grabbed her slice of pepperoni pizza.
"It's one is less dance. That's another reason, why I can't wait to get out of this damned town," I tell her.
"Well yeah, but you're in both, band and Glee, but you still need to get better at dance," she tells me as she giggles a little afterwards. I knew that she had art class after lunch, and that she would be headed there.
"Well I'll see after classes. You going to be in the music room?" she asks me, though she already knew the answer. I also already had an idea for another song besides AC/DC.