I Burn –by Shauni Cooper


Gentle and undisturbed

Yet thirsty

For understanding

And acceptance

I watch you prowl

So confident, so sure

Little did I know

How wrong I was

The changes came slowly at first

You started bending

And twisting

Molding me until satisfied

I tried to break free

But fell,

Deeper and deeper into your trap


Then you showed me

What you really wanted

And proceeded to light a match

To finish me off

You began burning my finger

Subtle, barely noticeable

Then continued on

Until my body was engulfed

I burn

You stand watching

Listening to my agonizing


For acceptance

I burn

Only then I realize

What I have become


A monster

The flames die

Nothing is left

And you laugh


Dancing upon my ashes

Reveling in your victory

My cooked flesh,

Incense to you

I changed for you

I changed,

And burned

It was too late to go back

So you claimed another victim

I am now dust in the wind

Helplessly watching

You do it again

Author's Note: Hey there! Here is the first piece of my return! :D So glad to FINALLY be back! Thank you guys so much for your support, it truly means a lot. Please, please, please leave your thoughts in a review! I've been out of the game for so long, I would like to know where I can improve! Thanks again everyone! You guys ROCK! :)