"Alright Katherine, Push!" Alphonse was screaming out repeatedly to Katherine, who was clenching her teeth and her fists, screaming and groaning in pain while sweat poured down her face. "Push! Push Katherine!" She screamed out in agony as the final push was made, and the sounds of a baby cry were reverberating around the small home. Alphonse kissed Katherine sweetly and fled to hold the new child, he held him close and uncovered its gasped and nearly dropped the child.

"What's wrong Alphonse?"

"Katherine… this child…isn't mine…"He said with despair as he gazed at a child with black hair and golden eyes, the child was silent and only sat, staring into the nothing, beyond Alphonse who was carrying him, beyond the confides of the house, up into the heavens, and he began to scream and cry.