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The Gate Keeper

Chapter 12

1820 - North of England


I woke up in a cold sweat kicking the covers off and standing up. The room felt cold, it brought back a hint of the nightmare I just had. A recurring one in the last few months.

Walking over to the window I watched the thick cloak of night cares the woods and with the comfortable silence of the night, my favorite time of night.

A howl could be heard in the distance along and along with it a small voice.



My eyes fell to a familiar figure near the mouth of the woods, dressed in a white gown. It looked like a woman, she had long blonde hair that swayed in the wind and covered her face. She was calling my name but I wasn't able to move, paralyzed from the waist down I could only bang my hands on the glass but her screams became more distant when something or someone began to pulling her inside the woods, it snarled and dragged her from the hair but I could not see what kind of creature it was. I banged harder on the glass but it would not break. My feet were purple from the sudden drop of temperature in the room and the more the woman screamed the harder it became for me to move. Suddenly her screams seized and I fell through the floor and woke up screaming in my dark chamber.

A crash of plates and cutlery fell from the corner of the room and a small shriek pulled me out of bed in a state of defense and panic.

"Eithne? Is that you? Are you alright?"

It was silent for a couple of seconds and then a small voice replied.

"It's not Eithne…"


"I'm so sorry…you startled me and it was so dark, I couldn't see" She replied, I could detect the fear in her voice, pacing carefully around the room.

Carefully walking over to window I pushed the curtains open. The light blinded me before I turned around and saw a pale girl crouching down and picking up the broken pieces of fine china. Her dark curls tied in an intricate mess, her pale long neck exposed a small delicate mole. I clenched my hands and watched her as she nervously stole glances my way.

"Leave it"

She ignored my command and continued picking up the shards. I breathed out in exasperation and walked over to her then crouched down to pick up the rest of the pieces and placed them on the tray. Emilia gaped at me with her big brown eyes and I stopped and stared back at her, the reflection of the sun shining in her face revealed small specks of green in her eyes.

It was a couple of seconds before she snapped back hurriedly and picked up the rest of the glass and the tray as she stood up.

I chuckled at her apprehensiveness, who knew she was actually this timid; I took her for more of a resilient type and yet I enjoyed her reactions every time she was near me.

I stood in front of her and watched as she searched her thoughts for the next thing to say.

She bit her lip, something I noticed she did a lot; it stirred something inside of me.

"You should fetch some water to clean this up" I pointed at the mess on the floor.

"James you're bleeding!" She shouted and took my hand in hers. I hadn't noticed the gash on my palm leaking a thick red thick liquid unto the marble.

He hand held tight to mine and I could feel my heart beat through the thick of my wrist. I tried to jerk my hand back but she held on tighter and pulled it towards her.

"Stay still we have to stop the bleeding"

I eyed her, baffled when she placed her mouth on my wound and softly sucked. A part of me wanted to grab her by the hair, pull her head back and lick her from mole on her neck to the soft skin of her lips, but another part, wanted to watch her suck on the would a little longer.

When she was done, she cleaned her lips with the back of her hand,

"There, I'll bring some bandages for this…along with a rag to clean the floor"

I was silent for a minute, the way she softly smiled reminded me of someone but I could not quite remember who. In that moment of silence, Emilia fully realized the extent of her action and dropped my hand.

"I apologize, I didn't mean- I just- I don't know what I was thinking" the girl who held my hand was no longer there, she had retreated and made way for the scared girl who was in that tower.

"I'll go bring your breakfast" she started for the door.

"No- It's fine, send Eithne"

This time I didn't know why, but I was upset, something inside me bubbled and stirred like an overflowing pot of boiling water.

"I can come back, I'll be quick" her expression showed confusion and there was something hurting beneath, I could see she was holding back tears.

"NO!" She jumped "Just go" I said exasperated at her for letting her guard down around me. Emilia hurried out the door and forced it closed behind her.

I fell silent and walked to back to the bed.

Listening to her hastened steps down the corridor, I fell back into the mattress and stretched out my wounded hand, caressing the outline of her lips with my fingers.