Chapter 1

Sometimes the little things in life can be the best. I had managed to get through high-school so far being hardly noticed. It was all going according to plan. Get amazing grades, get into an outstanding college, start a good life, and find the perfect guy. My senior year of high-school was starting in only two short weeks. I was starting this year at Kensley High. That's right my mom and I moved, again. It was our fifth time since seventh grade when my parents divorced. Everywhere we'd move my mom would find "the one". Then she would eventually find some flaw in him that she hated, and then we'd move. So, I had learned to not make friends and because I'd be leaving soon.

On moving day we arrived at our new home on Lake St. We carried our boxes into our new home. It was a quaint home with cream colored walls, and dark hard wood floors. My room was on the rear corner of the house. It overlooked my backyard and the neighbors on the left. I could also see in the neighbor's room across from mine. It appeared to be a guys room and probably my age. The walls were gray and a blue comforter was strewn over the bed.

I unpacked my room and when I couldn't take it any longer I threw on some running clothes. I slipped on my familiar running shoes and headed outside. I followed my block and kept a decent pace the whole time. The houses all appeared the same but it wasn't hard to find mine with the giant moving truck outside. I was almost a couple house away when I heard someone yelling at me. I turned around to see who it was when a yellow lab tackled me.

"Roxie!" A guy called.

I leaned up on my elbows and found an extremely cute guy standing over me. His eyes were blue like mine. His hair was blonde with perfect sublte curls on it. Not to long or short.

"Sorry!" He said, "She doesn't usually chase people like that."

"Oh its fine," I said sitting up and brushing my long blonde hair to my back.

"You knew around here?" The cute boy asked. His eyes twinkled in the sunlight and I felt a cold chill running up my spine. I was really nervous.

"Ya, just moved here with my mom. Mine names Jessie by the way." I smiled at him.

"Well nice to meet you Jessie, my names Tyler." He smiled back at me with those dazzling eyes.

He stuck out his hand and I grabbed it in mine. My whole arm tingled when he touched me. I was amazing.

"Well see you." Said Tyler.

I ran up my steps and into my room. It was done! The bed was all set up by the window. As I took off my shirt to change I looked over and saw Tyle going into his room across from me. I dropped to the floor shirtless and peeked over. He took off his shirt and revealed a tight and tan six- pack. He was definitely dateable. He looked over to my room and saw the light on and closed his shades. I stood up and closed mine to. Awkward.

Let me know if you think I should continue this one. I deleted my previous one because felt like it was to usual to have a girl secretly have a crush on her best guy friend. Let me know what kind of twists you want to see in this story.