Oh no! I just dropped a cup of pop on Tyler!

I looked down at the mess in Tyler's chest. Why did this have to happen? He'll never want to talk to me again. I looked into Tyler's perfect blue eyes. They looked funny. Tyler was laughing. The people around were shushing us, but we could barely contain ourselves.

As we walked out of the theater I immediately started to apologize to Tyler.

"It's fine Jessie!" He laughed back.

"But I ruined your perfect shirt. Oh why do I have to be so clumsy sometimes?"

Tyler stopped in front of me and put his hand under my chin to make me look up at him. His eyes made me melt inside. And is hair was so perfectly tousled.

"Jessie," He said seriously, "I like you because of your perfections AND your imperfections. My last girlfriend tried to hard to be perfect when all I wanted was a real girl. And Jessie, to be honest your as real as it gets."

Slowly his head arched toward mine. Was he going to kiss me? I barely could hold myself together after the last one! I felt Tyler's lips on mine. My hands went in his hair and his arms around my waist. I couldn't help but smile. When Tyler felt me smile he did to.

After we caught out breath we held hands and walked back to the car. The drive was pretty silent home because we were listening to old Disney Songs and laughing along with them. Around midnight Tyler dropped me off at my door step.

"You're so beautiful." He said looking into my eyes. I hugged him and smelled his piney cologne.

"Bye Jessie." He said sweetly.

"Bye Tyler." I smiled back. In this extremely romantic moment a small burped seemed to escape my lips. Tyler chuckled sweetly and walked away.


The next morning I awoke and remembered last nights events. I got up and went for another run. This time with more dance in my step. I think people thought I looked funny cause I was smiling the whole time.

I took a shower and put on some old jean shorts and I grey tank. My hair was thrown into a messy bun. Today I was going to paint my mom's room. Luckily she gets off work early today so I'll actually be able to see her. I was in her room picking out potential paint colors when my door bell rang.

I walked down stairs and saw Tyler standing at my door step all sweaty.

"Umm, hi?" I said confused.

"Hey, Jessie. My stupid friend Kyle threw my basketball in your backyard. Could I get it?"

"Yes, but it will cost you." I smiled mischievously at him.

His arms snaked around my waist and I felt his lips on mine. Not quite what I ment but I'll take it.

After he pulled away I said, "I meant that if you want to get it you'll have to come back over tonight for dinner so you can meet my mom."

"I'd love to." He said sweetly.

With that he ran into my back yard and grabbed the ball. He sprinted out through my front door.

"And be sure to wear clothes you don't mind getting sweaty in!" I called after him.

I found Kyle standing on my front lawn going after Tyler. His eyes caought mine and then traveled up and down my body.

"Dude who is that?" He asked him.

"My girlfriend, don't get any ideas." Tyler replied going for a layup that he missed.

"Dude she hot! How did you get her? I bet she didn't notice the huge in hole in the butt of her sweats though man." Kyle said laughing.

"That's what makes her cute my friend." Tyler said in response.

I immediately looked behind me and saw a huge hole on my butt and my pink lace underwear was showing in plain view. Quickly I ran inside and shut my door.

Well that was, AWKWARD.

What is this two chapters in two days? Ha I had a lot of free time tonight. HAPPY THANKSGIVING ANYONE WHO SEES THIS