Chapter 6 everyone who is still reading! I have big plans for this book so stay tuned. Thanks to DalekCaan for telling me to update

I decided on a lavender shape of purple that I thought my mom would love. She usually loved any color I got her, but this seemed to say calm and peace. Those two words describe my mom perfectly. Though she fell head- over- heels quite easily, she would stay calm and shed only a few tears before we would move again.

I had never met my dad. My mom told me she met him a party and…. well you can guess what happened next. She told him she was pregnant and my dad freaked and ran. Never saw him again.

She told me that he was probly a loser and spent all his money on beer. I think she only tells me this to think that she wasn't missing out on much. I went along with it too. I couldn't help but think sometimes that he was a giant rock star or a multi-million dollar company owner.

Whatever, so I decided for dinner I would make pork-chops with a garlic sauce, cheddar rice, and green bean salad. I started right away and was flipping through a magazine on the couch when I heard the garage door open.

In walked my mom looking particularly cheerful.

"Hi Mom!" I said coming to greet her.

"Hey honey. Mmm smells great! I can't wait to eat. I uh.. have some good news to share with you."

"What is it Mom?" I questioned.

"Well you see my car broke down on the way to work and a lovely man name Larry saved me from being late. I didn't have any way to thank him so I invited him over to dinner." She looked at me like she thought I was going to attack her.

"That's fine mom I can't wait to meet him." I said, and her shoulders untightened.

"I'm going to go change then." She said turning around.

"Wait, Mom," I said, "I invited someone over too."

My mom raised her eyebrows.

"His name is Tyler. Ha funny story actually, he is our neighbor." I said.

"Well I can't wait to meet him. Is that why you got home so late last night?" She asked.

"Ya, he took me to a movie, but I spilled pop on him." I said.

"Oh, Jessie only you." My mom laughed.

"I also told him to wear something comfortable because I thought we could paint your room." I said.

"That's fine honey, I'm not sure if Larry and I will join you though." She said.

Mom went upstairs to get ready. I went up too. I put my hair into a long side braid and slipped on a red t-shirt and some old jean shorts that I had painted other rooms in. I only put on a small amount of makeup and brushed my teeth. I heard the timer go off on the stove and went down to stir the rice. I was stirring the rice when the doorbell rang.

Tyler stood on my porch holding a single red rose. He had I some casual jeans and a white tee that showed the outline of his abs. He spiked his hair up a bit to 'spice things up a bit'. The thing I loved most about his outfit was his smell. It was the most intoxicating smell ever. It smelled like soap and hint of what I called 'manliness' which I loved.

"Hey." He said reaching down to give me a quick peck on the cheek.

"Hey." I said lost on looking at his perfect abs.

"Jessie, my face is up here." He said pointing to his face.

"Ha, sorry." I said gazing into his crystal blue eyes.

"It's ok. Maybe you can see more later." He said winking to me.

I giggled and pulled him inside. Just then another car pulled into the driveway.

"Who is that?" Tyler asked me.

I only rolled my eyes and responded, "My mom's date."

Thank god Tyler didn't ask to much else. This "Larry" got out of very nice red convertible. His hair was greased back and he was wearing a blue dress shirt with jeans. He looked like a Jersey guy.

"Hello, is ah Shelly here?" He asked.

"Yes she is, I'm her daughter Jessie." I said reaching my hand out.

Larry looked extremely nervous. He had big sweat spots growing under his armpits and a couple drops sliding down his forehead.

I tried not to giggle and I looked over at Tyler and saw him smirking. His cheeks were flushed red from trying to hold back a laugh.

"Well come on inside Larry, by the way this is my friend Tyler." I said.

Larry only nodded his head in Tyler's direction and then rushed inside.

I started walking inside but was too busy thinking about what just happened that I wacked my head on the door frame. Tyler wrapped his arms around my waist and I could feel a feel him laughing to himself.