Bitter and cold
feelings of old
when will these times end?
when can i end?

an Empty rattle
a hidden battle
thumping inside me
can anyone stop me

Dying again alone tonight
maybe i can end my fight
if i can try
oh, if only i could try.

a quiet night to die
all alone i lie
must i keep me alive
what is alive anymore?

all feelings but hate gone away
fallen down lasting only for today
so much hate crammed in my jar
how much can it hold?

scars, the eternal reminder of it
the pain the loss, all of it.
bring back the dead things.
so bring back all things

Empty, the hole of my heart sighs.
Empty because of your lies
who am i today?
maybe i can die today

cloth my walls with blood
bring the love by flood
to no end, cannot let in
cannot let in

the icy grasp of Fear
streaming down with every tear
wait for me today
my last day

the hollow echo Empty, Empty
rushes threw my skin
always always Empty
reminding me today.