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Dark, menacing clouds hovered in the gray sky restraining to hold the water that was gathered and packed tightly within its form. Underneath the intimidating swarm, its impending target had harsh winds violently swirl through the thin, crumpled alleyways that escaped under benches with forgotten grocery bags and soda cans tagging along. Majority of the citizens resided in their comfortable homes or offices. Of course there was the occasional pedestrian wandering helplessly for the duration of Mother Nature's torrents desperately pleading to be safe inside a home. All except one person though, and she wanted to be anywhere else.

A teenager dashed on a pathway constructed of gravel and other small rocks that was smashed between two study, brick-made apartment buildings. Her breathing was ragged and uneven as she strived to force oxygen into her lungs. Numerous gashes marked her pale arms with dry blood trails leading to the wrists. Both her ripped denim jeans and sand colored blouse had dirt splattered on them and auburn hair that was tangled into knots. The eighteen year old planted a trembling hand on the wall and clung to it, focusing on standing and not collapsed on the hard ground. Her white fingertips dug into the grout and her knees shook violently. 'You can't stop now, Amanda. You're dead if he catches you.' The teenager's conscience whispered the true, yet unsettling words.

"I know!" Amanda wailed, tears burned her eyes as threatened to spill.

Resting her head on the cold wall, Amanda made the pitiful attempt of trying to stall the nausea that existed. Images of an aged man raided her mind, frightening all other peaceful thoughts away. "Blake..." Even the sound of her uncle made her want to curl into a tight ball and hide away in a corner begging to disappear.

The sound of thunder clapped overhead, warning the below that it can't hold the rain any longer. With a single flash of lightning , the clouds released the water and it came pounding the city's surface. Miniature puddles had begun to form and a certain person was already drenched.

"Ow..." the unfortunate girl moaned as the cold water ran down her open wounds, somewhat painful and somewhat soothing. Amanda had barely pushed herself off the wall when an unwavering, firm voice echoed down the alley walls.

"You can't run from me forever!"

Her body tensed at the sound. Her breathing was erratic and her heart pulse was beating vigorously. 'Get up, you pathetic excuse for a human!' the wicked voice screamed.

Using the last of her strength, Amanda forced her numb legs and began to run through the rain with water soaking into her shoes,

"You really thought you could run, didn't you?"

Silence came.

"Answer me! Darn it!" Blake hollered and took the mess of auburn hair that was entwined with fingers and force the poor girl's head to follow-into a concrete wall.

Blood slowly trickled along the side of her face, tears starting to form. Amanda was caught when she made the mistake to go get help from her torture. The lump in her throat still there, she tried to answer his question while trying to retain the whine that was building up.

"I...I..thought..," Struggling to keep calm and to not result to tears, she brought her gaze to his. HIs eyes were hard but the fire of rage burned fiercely and dangerously. There was something unstable about the look he gave her, but Amanda was too terrified to find out what it was.

"You thought what?" He responded, his patience shrinking.

Breathing deeply, she choose to take risk. "Yes. Yes, I thought I could escape from a cold-hearted savage like you. To stop this misery would be a gift, but I knew the only one who was going to give me that gift was myself. Ever since Miranda died, I have tolerated your violence for the past three years, Blake. I was naive to think that you would change, but I had to. I had to consider Miranda's perspective of you, no matter what. I can see how foolish she and I were to trust someone on supporting their family."

'Slap' Amanda's head jerked toward the ground after the hit and the blood gushed from another wound that had resided on her head. Disobeying her stiffen muscles, she capture the grin that would would the cheshire cat to shame.

"Your sister, Amanda, was absurd. Fantasizing that I was going to take care of you because I was your uncle. Only by blood, but if I had my way I would've stay far away from the 'Kleas' name; but no. Miranda persistence and her ideals forced me to take in you ruffians; otherwise, the police would have been suspicious and the last thing I need is cops on my trail."

Blake stopped the conversation and remained silent afterwards, probably sketching out a plan to dispose of the teenager. 'I have to get away from him somehow. Blake is stronger than me. Taller than me. The width of alley between these two buildings is narrow and the rest of the path twists and closes in, so there is the possibility of me, as skinny as I am, not being able to pass through. If only I had a cell..wait!'
Amanda's attention was drawn by a silver object poking out from his back pocket. "You can't do it. All you are is a weak, pitiful girl who couldn't even protect her sister from this man. What chance do you have now? He'll just kill like he did to Miranda, and she was only six. Do you think that Blake will care if he kills a teenager? Just sit there like a good girl and try to keep that smart-alek mouth shut.' The merciless and manipulative tone hisses into her conscience.

Doubt and insecurity began to flood her mind. Letting the harsh words eat away at her will and confidence, Amanda was prepared to admit defeat. That was until a clear, gentle voice erupted from her memory bank. "Amanda, you have to get away from that monster. I know that I was a fool to believe that Uncle would take care of us. I thought that someone would love us and not want to hurt us like mommy and daddy. I'm sorry for not being a good little sister.'

"Miranda.." She whispered so softly that not even her captor had heard the sorrowful call. Amanda remember those words from her sister as she laid on the couch having tears slowly trail down her bruised-covered face. She remember holding the young girl's hand and trying to call her out of her death. But no one can escape death, not even the innocent child who had only wanted a family and now was dying because she had wished that simple wish. 'At least, her suffering would be over.' Amanda recalled thinking at the time.

Taking her dead sister's words as a motivator, Amanda stood quickly and swiftly tackling the man when his guard was down, snatching the phone as well.

"Hey! Get off!" He yelled.

Being thrown about three feet, she had 911 dialed and the number sent. There was no need to tell the person on the other end what was happening, for Blake's next sentence did it for her.

"You will die, Amanda Kleas and by my hand too!"

Blake then released a blow to her stomach, and Amanda hit the ground. She tasted vile in her mouth and the world had once again to started to spin. She heard swearing emitting from the criminal's mouth, but that was all before a buzzing sound took over her sense to hear. Failing to keep her eyes open, Amanda saw that it would be easier just to to sleep and the let the mysterious dark fog take over. When she woke up, Amanda knew she would be in a better place one way or another.