Lifted Out of the Ashes — I'm Found in the Aftermath.

Why do I cower and cry and fear? I can't quite figure that out myself. But I know somewhere, inside the very depths of my heart there is something so much more. No matter what headache and terror I feel in the night, there is always a light shining. No matter what causes me to shake, tremble and cry, there is a light that shines over my room—such love, such peace, such mystery. It pours out from my window, floods the room, stirs up like a whirlpool of invisible warfare. My chest heaves as I gasp for air, and my mind spins as it tries to catch up.

"Breathe" He says, "breathe."

Still gasping for breath, I try to. The air is thick, like a musty cloud.

"Breathe," He coaches, "Breathe Me in."

Spinning and spinning the whirlpool goes. I watch water fill my room, so clear, so sparkling and lively. It overcomes the rotten air as it continues to spill over every inch of my room.

"Drink from My Living Water," He says.

My mouth is still open, waiting for air, and I am filled with Living Water. I drink from It, and I can breathe again. The trembling in my heart is soothed by the cool, purified water and begins to heal every crack on my stone heart. Slowly, it mends, and carefully becomes soft again.

My thirst and hunger is quenched, as my stomach is filled, and my body is satisfied. My cheeks glimmer from the past sorrow, and now flows from perfect joy, thankfulness and love. I can breathe again. I can move again. I can think again. My heart is safe, guarded by the light and water.

Exhausted, I lie back and stare at the ceiling. My tongue dances behind my lips in thanksgiving and in love. I sing my song to Him—the One who brought me something to drink and to breathe. He quenches my thirst, and gives me life. I sing my song. I will continue to song for Him, forever and ever. My personal song—my testimony, my thankfulness and praise. I give it back to Him, as He gave me this song to sing.

I thank Him.

I close my eyes, and the peace continues to flood over me. I fall in trust, knowing that I'll be caught at the bottom.

Come overflow into my room again—under the protection of Your bright full moon.

Title Disclaimer: A line taken from Hillsong Aftermath