Sorrow Stricken

Stricken with a disease

that we all share.

Unable to deal with it

we try not to care.

As the year goes on

things begin to tense.

As the days come and go

nothing makes much sense.

Tears raining down from the face,

all we want to do is hide our shame.

We may argue and fight,

but with this we are the same.

Emotions build up over time,

unwilling to talk about much.

Our eyes begin to turn red,

with tears coming down and such.

Someone will ask the question,

"Are you okay?"

The answer I will give,

"Do I even need to say?"

We all become disappointed,

at every little mistake.

We turn it into a big deal,

no need for that, for goodness sake.

Becoming more depressed,

and becoming more insane.

We are sharing a disease,

a disease that causes pain.

Stricken with a disease,

that makes all feel hollow.

The name of this disease?

This disease is called sorrow.