Once upon a time, there was an anime fan. We'll call her Madison. Madison was just fourteen and still a budding otaku. One of the first anime she ever saw was 'Ouran High School Host Club'. From the first time she saw the twins in that show and their 'brotherly love' act, she found the idea of two boys together adorable. Much cuter than any straight couple could ever hope to be.

Madison only owned one yaoi manga. It was called 'Love Machine'. There were a couple of sex scenes in that book, but they didn't show anything below the navel, so poor naive Madison assumed all yaoi manga was that way. Boy, was she wrong!

Christmas that year would be a big day for Madison. She got lots of presents that day, but the one that she would never forget was one from her mother: It was a yaoi book which she had undoubtedly seen on Madison's Amazon wish list. The cover depicted a dark-haired man and a blond boy, the latter of whom was dressed in a maid outfit. Nothing too unusual as far as yaoi goes.

As soon as she was alone in her room enjoying her gifts, she decided to flip through her manga. when she did, she saw the blond boy on his back, wearing no clothes at all, and that was definitely NOT a hotdog between his legs. It was shocking. It was disturbing. It was...Intriguing. Very intriguing.

Soon, she found herself unable to stop looking at the oh so erotic images. And, by the end of the book, she knew one thing: She needed MORE.

And she lived pervertedly ever after.