Here was Qut. An ancient planet, small one too. Only three billion years old, a Pangea of land. The star, Romulus, Recently matured.

Land was rare here. some small atolls dotted the Seafields. Worms would live in their their Cyan homes, coves in and amongst a species called Zaxcse Covululese, an Immobilized Silicone-based giant, which actually formed some islands at the end of their life-span. And when Zaxcse died, after some seventy years, The worms would move to new ones. Zaxcse reproduced by dispersing balls of mixed genes. These would form once they hit the sand.

Once, however, a sterile group migrated, through Asexuality (Being the only way to reproduce, as sterile) and so, the worms found it easy to develop with this singular breed of Zaxcse. As the bodies of the creature stacked upon each other, the pangea, "Ite" formed. and with it, the first Qutines; The Koikoi. The Worms never new it until now, but the intelligence they developed under the water was useful here. You couldn't just eat plankton, you had to catch your food, you had to build a home, not just hide. And the bodies they developed for these tasks were amazingly effective.

They were intelligent worms; Their eyes were a Ruby Red. Skin, an Onyx Black. Thier arms were smooth, Muscular. They walked on four latteral legs, attached to a two foot-high body, thier head, Six inches of Black square. A circular, Jawless mouth and three centimetrical, pupil-less eyes. Motion sensors, really. Yet, Despite all weakness, Their Hearing was more Acute than any living bieng.




Another specieas arose from mysterious roots; A mammalian. Amongst some outlying Islands, yes, created by Zaxcse Corpses, Mammalians developed along the Qutine Poles. The "Bearded Koikoi", was a mutation developed do to the crossing of unkown genes, GHEQ, the usual Koikoi gene set, would be altered to represent HQEG, a strange set that is ruled as a crime to nature. It removes some legs, Scales the body larger, and Beards the Arms, Face, and main Body. These mammalian mutations, however, could interbreed. It would eventually lead the first true Mammal on this planet, "Feri gored" A bipedal Primate-like creature. this would evolve in it's own ways, into Four-legged, long-necked, strong Equine-like creatures; with Blue and Red fur "lufhers". There developed Flying mammals, They were A Maroon color, and looked something like a Dog with wings. They were thin and long, and spindly, known as " Harfirs".

But maybe the greatest Evolute was a creature directly born of the Feri, The "Giku". They were fully furred, Strong, intelligent, Thought quickly, And practically resonated peace. Their land was Emerald Forest, a Solitudite Civiization... they loved it. Even the cruelest, most bastardly creatures on Qut, they seemed to get along with. One time, however, thier land (One of the Islands, theoretically Nattalsi) Collided with Ite. and with it; came the forest of this island.

It was then that the Native KoiKoi heard a factor which may destroy. As peaceful as the Giku had seemed, there was something strange about them. Something that was bad, something that may mean that all The KoiKoi had done, they could all be turned against each other.

And it was a good idea to reason such, The KoiKoi revolt would break out quickly, and cruely. Seperated, and Tricked to hating each other, not one would dare blame the Giku... becuase, what could they have ever done?

A human spaceship, part of the C.I.D.J.A., or Colonization of Intrepid Discoveries and Journeys Alliance, A force led by the withering United States Gov. to protect the 48th president, A Governmental supporter back in 2012 and Obama Zealot in 2008, supporter of Ben Bernanke and the Fed, Gerald Goring. It had only been a few presidencies since then, the current date, on our scale, was Oct-16-2028. This was his last year of presidency, and He was lucky he made it out of the white-house at all. He remembered it clearly~


"Mr. Goring! Get out of here!" Begged one of his Guards.

"One last second, Lowel" He Said, seriously. He looked out of this large window around the Oval Office; and he observed, below him, Right below the great pillar of the washington monument, A thousand Fires. He looked at the large, man-made lake in front of this beautiful marble pillar; and in it were a thousand Bodies. bodies of Police, of Peasents; of Animals; there were, in that wretched, rotting soup, men, and women, and children, and all walks of life. And each one, unshockingly, dead. He looked at the mobs; in it were people dressed as animals. He said, that if he outlawed Furries, then Zoophilia would be a long lost dream. a trick to break down there doors and control them... the same as the outlawing of Opium to control Chinese, and Marijuana to control Blacks. Another trick... just like his outlaw of foreign currency to isolate businesses, control them... His lies of helping the people, all to control them.

He instantly snapped out of this trance, and took one last look at this open revolt; it smelt of Gunpowder from days past, Fire, Blood, Rotting death, and cigarretes. he heard the clanging of hoes and shovels against his guard's riot shields. Bullets whizzing below head, the Sound of glass bottles being thrown over shield walls was just as apparent as the Whistling of rifle fire. But mostly, maybe the most blaring, were the screams below head:


"I'll have your ass as a trophy!"

"Get Down!"

"For the Freedom of The People!"

"Enough of this sickening tyranny!"

The shouts of the Revolutionaries seemed to deafen over the sound of the guards.

The end was too near. So, now having taken the situation into accord, he spoke to one of his gaurds, the same Lowel as earlier, "Lowel, I am ready to descend from here."

*End of Flashback*

He just debarked onto a new land, yesterday. Mr. Lowel next to him, as usual. "Lowel, What is this world?"

"It is a planet along the recently charted star Romulus." Said the Interested Guard. He looked around, This flat plain. It would be perfect to start a new land here, resources seemed abundant. there was a large forest off in the distance, and life seemed to be present.

"hem horden hefshirmir"

The president, guard, and all parts of the C.I.D.J.A. crew then cocked thier heads; whatever that just was, it seemed to speak a strange language, a terrible, strange one. They looked to thier left and,


Whatever creature that black thing was, it couldn't have been good. Now to disperse the scavenged technologies from Earth, All the products for creating a Steampunk/Technopunk race, on to the Rebirth, under "King Goring"

Lastly, but definently not the least, are the Murderers. Axsot. They came last, and Built the fastest. Even though the KoiKoi had experience, the Giku had Alliances, and the Americans had a large headstart by fifty years, and had developed their Steam Nation Greatly, this destructive, killing race, had ruined every advantage everything had. As skilled as The KoiKoi were, why not Eat them? They slithered down these Stincking throats easily. The Giku, as Weak and childish as they were, They could make Amazing slaves, just threaten them with death. And the Cidja? Not even a threat, they weakened thier own territories and threatened thier own people... if a raid was luanched succesfully, they could even get humans to join thier side.

What of the creature itself? Imagine an alligator; Standing on two legs. Now, hunch it's back, And add Sharp spikes all along their back. now, take those short, stubby arms and lengthen them, at the ends, place nine inch Biological Knife-nails at three-four fingered hands. The creature stands at 9' and is Blue and Yellow, color being randomly placed in certain areas. Their feet are Much like an average Reptiles feet.

Now, They could do anything, why come to Qut? Becuase the Star the were around was on it's last breath, and all the nations here were Sentient, so, if the Axsot were finally cuaght up to, and on the edge of defeat, then why not let the star implode, kill the other races, and let all Axsot leave? Well, that was the plan, and it worked perfectly. This little world would make perfect slaves, and it's youngness is allowing them quick route to conquest here.

The Ardrio, Jiidio, and Hadrio of the Axsot ranks would be joyous over this world they now sink their teeth into. except one... His name, Buyter. the Peaceful jiidio.

The world is set out. War is Inevitable. Is this for Freedom? Is this for Control? Is this for Peace? Or for the sake of killing? Is this for traditon? is it just for the Idea one can control the other? And who will survive?

Only Time will tell, in this set stage.