Rain Fly

This world is a place
where the people put you down
when you call to those you love
they just sneer and turn around

There's a smile on this face
when everyone else is angry
Even when I never had a chance to say;
"love, darling, please come claim me."

and yet you look around
at the people and their frowns
and the rain is coming down
they're all slogging into town

each has its black umbrella
every guy and girl and fella

and this is what you shout;
in the rain that's falling down:

Taste the rain
lift your head
because even as
your freezing to death
you can catch
a glimpse of
of that thing they
call love

Lift your hands
to the sky
because even as
your about to die
you can see
the blue patch of sky;
see the lie
that makes up life

So just drop that black umbrella!
Every guy, and gal, and fella!

and let the rain come down;
feel all the hearts as they pound

Clean water feels so good
when it's coming from the sky
'cuz wings sprout from your shoulder blades
that's what you call some 'rain fly'

Fly in the rain,
Fly without name,
Flew when you came
Will fly when you claim: