The walls are all white, ridiculously white.

The place smells foul.

I know you must hate it here,

I do and I'm only here for the moment.

My heels are clicking on the colorless floor.

I can't help but remember the last time I saw you,

In that house of yours, too hot.

You always put the heater on, it was like a sauna.

You wore too many layers as always.

I remember how I wandered and found

The music box me and my sister played with,

I set it off, stood a moment.

It scared your cat, she hide all night.

You offered me some rum and coke, you always drank.

Its like you didn't have any other hobbies.

At home drinking or at the pub with friends.

Your cat misses you, she doesn't understand.

Do you remember how well you fed her, let her drink too.

Is all this clear? Has it gone?

I really can't imagine.

It's the second go here, a while has past.

I remember reading; its like a fire in the brain

Can cause damage, make you aggressive.

Make you a different man.

Frankly I can't even think, if you weren't you.

Would I still want to visit you?

I don't want to be here.

You never did like being taken care of,

Living on your own all these years.

I remember your wife, the last time I saw her.

Her skin was yellow, she looked so ill.

Will you be the same?

Is this going to be the last memory?

Do I really want it to be?

Turn around now. Walk away.

I could just remember you smiling in your house,

We watched that horror film we used to,

Some village of the dead or other.

You always liked horror movies.

Do you remember when I was interested in magic?

Brought so many tricks, and the book showed me one,

To stop all time.

So I waved my wand and cast the spell,

The second I returned it your clock tolled

Loud and clear, we all laughed.

I gave those sweets to my friends, I didn't like them.

You're always giving me sweets an chocolates.

Its just a thing, visit you drink a little and go home loaded

With sweet things.

I remember all this, I hope you do too.

I hope the stroke hasn't affected you,

I hope you're the person I knew.